2019 Best Practices for Business Communications

Your communications infrastructure will make the difference in your ability to connect with qualified buyers and advocate on your own behalf in the business community. You must keep up with the latest best practices to stay compatible with potential partners and compliant with informal business standards. Here’s what you need to do for 2019!


If you haven’t upgraded your technical infrastructure into the cloud, then you are missing out on scale, agility and powerful new tools. Going VoIP saves a business between 70 and 85 percent in communications costs on average. You also get more features – even on the free introductory plans. One of the most important features is the ability to communicate using multimedia. We are moving into an age of video that threatens to leave the age of text messages and grimy audio in the dust. The business community will view you as much more capable if you are sending your messages in high definition video with an array of supporting documents that are meticulously organized over the VoIP infrastructure.

Look to 5G

Speed, speed and more speed. You thought 4G was fast – well, here comes the next generation. You may think to yourself, why pay more when 4G is more than fast enough to get what I want done? As with VoIP, compatibility is the more important metric to consider! High end companies, suppliers, prospects and vendors will all move to 5G as it becomes more commercially available. If you don’t want to be left out of these elite circles of communication, then you need to move when they move. 5G is the standard that will form the backbone of the Internet of Things. It will also be central to the Internet cities that are now being created. If you are not on the standard, then your ability to do business is limited – because your ability to communicate on the latest standard is limited.

Incorporate AI

Data will be the most important asset of the future. Not labor, not land, not even money – data. You are taking in huge amounts of data every day as a company. Are you able to quickly move among this data in an organized way? Can you map out customer trend lines and automate your communications without losing that personal touch? Maybe your current labor force can’t, but AI can. Savvy companies are using AI to communicate to prospects, partners and suppliers at scale. Scaled and automated communications that are also personalized to the individual recipient increase the opportunity for business. There is no competition between labor and AI any more. You need AI to expand your communications moving forward.

Take heed to the best practices above if you want to move with the leading edge of business in the next few years. Your ability to communicate directly coincides with your ability to do business. The technical infrastructure of communication is moving faster all the time, and you need to keep up!

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