4 Pitfalls of Having an Unreliable Business Phone Service

Imagine landing at JFK late for a critical meeting in Manhattan. Do you rent a car and drive into the city? You’ll need to know the quickest route and where to park. Do you gamble on a taxi, ride-along, or limo driver, hoping they possess the knowledge you lack? Otherwise, you’re facing major problems. Now imagine JFK is your telephone, that Manhattan client is on the other end, and your business phone service can’t connect you. How did this happen?

4 Pitfalls of Having an Unreliable Business Phone Service

1. Traffic Jams on the Toll-Free Line

While your business can experience problems with outgoing calls, as noted above, incoming service can also be mishandled. Companies love their 800-numbers because potential customers can call for free. However, when too many customers call simultaneously, a single 800-number can be overwhelmed. The situation worsens when clients stuck on hold hang up and try to call back. There is a limit to the callers one number can handle. When the limit is reached, your system may crash.

It can be more than a temporary problem when your system goes down. Phone services are like airlines. Customers tend not to fly again after experiencing a crash. Your business needs a call network that operates efficiently and without sufferring downtime. Prevent toll-free traffic jams by using a service that provides multiple 800-numbers for customers to call.

2. Lack of Options Can Lead to Lack of Business

Just as multiple 800-numbers offer clients alternative routes to reach representatives, providing more options when they call allows for efficient routing and greater customer satisfaction. A service directory enables callers to connect or leave voicemails with various departments and specific employees, customer accounts, ordering, and purchase menus empower clients. At the same time, recorded information regarding shipping, business locations, directions, and other frequently asked questions frees your employees to handle more complex matters.

3. The Longest Distance Between Two Points Is a Complicated Phone System

Providing customers with more options on your call network is beautiful until the system becomes too complex and confusing to navigate. Then, the lost business and extra time spent training staff becomes a nightmare. The best phone service must strike a balance. Customers need to be supplied with information, purchasing power, and the ability to talk to a representative as quickly as possible. Staff must be able to learn and operate the phone system quickly and easily.

4. A Service Provider’s Poor Customer Service Trickles Down

Often, phone services tout their DIY options for their affordability. Still, you can only do it yourself until you can’t. Just as superb customer service appeals to your clients, it should appeal to you. Providers who offer 24/7 customer support are especially essential in the post-COVID economy when many staff members work from home and set their own hours. In the modern digital world, your business is effectively closed if your lines of communication aren’t open.

Customizable phone services are even more crucial for small to midsized businesses, as is readily available assistance to keep your phone lines connected. There is no worse feeling than being left out in the cold and none better than having every question answered and need fulfilled. A phone system that does less for clients will generate less business for you. Do more for your clients. Contact Joon today for a free consultation.

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