4 Reasons to Become a SIP Trunking Reseller

The global VoIP market is growing and here at Joon, we think it’s about time you staked your claim on this 12.5 billion-dollar bandwagon. There really is no better time to be a SIP trunking reseller (except maybe in 2024, when Statista predicts the North American SIP trunking market will be double that of VoIP in 2020).

Apart from the obvious profit potential for become an SIP trunking reseller, let’s explore other positive components for become a reseller in bluechip market.

What’s SIP Trunk Reselling? Why It’s Great for Customers and Resellers

Business phone services is a huge industry. Thanks to increasingly high-quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies, it makes more sense than ever before for enterprises to cut their phone bills and gain access to better phone functionality. Session Internet Protocol (SIP) trunking providers offer phone service subscriptions to companies of every shape and size through customized plans.

But what is SIP trunking exactly? You can think of SIP as the computer language used to transmit phone calls via the internet and “trunks” as the virtual infrastructure or wiring carrying the signals. The method for which VoIP communications are transmitted online depends on the businesses’ internet service. Generally, the faster and more efficient, the better (so we’re not talking about dial-up).

Since having effective communications is such a key part of running a business, resellers offer essential services. Which brings us to the fact that…

Customers Love SIP Trunking

Instead of having to pay for the installation and technical services involved with legacy telephony systems, your customers can benefit from a substantially streamlined phone service customized to their specific needs. VoIP service through SIP trunking is so much more flexible and scalable than other types of phone plans.

Think about it. Running a business today without web conferencing, voice calls and chat is pretty tough. Basically, being a SIP trunking reseller is like being a Hero of Enterprise.

So, then, what’s in it for you? A lot, it turns out.

SIP Trunking is a Dream for Resellers

With SIP trunk reselling, you can offer a product to your customers that brings you consistent residual returns. You can quickly and easily add SIP trunking to your portfolio of product and service offerings so your customers have access to a broader range of options. Very little investment is required on your part because SIP trunking doesn’t require additional equipment and all you have to do is help with setup and configuration.

Resellers Gain Additional Revenue (And More Revenue is Awesome)

Providing your customers with service and support is fairly straightforward to do and allows you to gain additional revenue opportunities. All this without heavy-handed involvement on your part. As a reseller, you can offer a service that the VoIP company fulfills for you–which means less legwork for your team to have to worry about.

This is why it’s so important to find a vendor who’s behind your efforts 100 percent. As you grow your business, it’s important to be a part of a reselling program with generous benefits. Do your research and don’t be afraid to compare reseller programs.

Do More Without Hiring Additional Staff

If you’re an IT service company, for instance, SIP trunk reselling is something you can readily add to your services without having to hire extra IT staff. This simple reselling add-on leverages profitability levers without requiring additional resources apart from updating your service pages and links.

Getting Started as a Reseller

To get started as a reseller, consider researching your options and potential vendor partnerships. Make a list of questions, features and products that interest you, and of course other questions pertinent to your business.

You can also learn more about our vendor program by connecting with us. We’re passionate about helping SIP trunking resellers thrive and build their businesses.

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