4 Simple Ways That Seniors Can Find Flexible Work During Retirement

If you’re looking for work during retirement, you should know that you’re not alone. More than 20 percent of retirement-aged seniors are still employed or looking for new employment opportunities, and seniors can have a range of reasons for doing either, with many seniors looking to supplement their retirement savings and others just looking for something to do with their free time. No matter your reason for seeking out a new job during retirement, if you want to maintain some freedom for other activities, your job search may benefit from these tips.

Earn Income with a Smartphone

Think that smartphones are a bad investment in retirement? Well, even though some smartphones may cost a pretty penny, those phones are typically equipped with features you don’t really need. Thankfully, you can find a dependable, powerful smartphone that fits your professional and personal needs without going over budget when you compare smartphones, including the iPhone 11 and the latest Android devices, using online tools and guides. You can also use those same sites to find data and phone plans to go with your new smartphone, and you may even be able to use senior discounts to save some money on your phone bill. With these tools combined, you may be able to work solely from your phone with certain jobs.

Look for Insurance Sector Jobs

If you’re looking for a good way to earn extra income after retirement, then you should try looking for a job within the insurance industry. Start by searching sites like Glassdoor to easily find more information about top insurance companies in your area, such as Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. With Glassdoor, you can access reviews from real employees, as well as helpful information about salaries, interview questions, and company performance. Aside from the availability of jobs, working in the insurance industry will also allow you to use your experience and skills in a wide variety of positions, from sales agent to adjuster to actuary. So, you should be able to find a job that makes you happy, in addition to making some extra money.

Opt for Part-Time Employment

If you want to maintain some flexibility during retirement, you may want to forego a full-time position in favor of a part-time job. Finding part-time work during your retirement can actually be pretty easy, especially when you take advantage of senior-friendly job boards and resources. AARP and Retired Brains are great sites to make searching for a part-time job in retirement effortless, but you can also try asking friends and former colleagues for potential employment leads and suggestions. There are quite a few part-time job opportunities that can make sense for seniors, but some pay better than others. So, if maximizing your earnings is important, consider a more lucrative part-time position, many of which can be found in the medical field.

Get a Gig Job During Retirement

During your research and job search, you may have come across a few gig jobs but you may not be sure what these positions entail. The gig economy is a growing trend these days, with more and more professionals turning to these flexible opportunities to earn extra money or even as a main source of income. Jobs within this sector can include freelance positions, contract jobs, and any other sort of temporary work. Just like the insurance industry and part-time opportunities, there are quite a few ways to make the gig economy work for you during retirement. Some senior-friendly side-gigs, which offer an income stream without a lot of strings attached, can include house-sitting, driving for rideshare companies, and even taking surveys.

The semi-retired lifestyle may not be right for every senior, but if it’s right for your retirement, you should consider looking for jobs that still allow you to enjoy your golden years. Flexible schedules, remote work arrangements, and part-time hours can all help you do so while adding some extra cash to your retirement savings. Use the tips above to snag one of these senior-friendly jobs so you can make the most of your budget and your retirement.

By Sharon Wagner, Seniorfriendly.info


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