5 Tips to Successfully Plan Your Business for 2022

It might be hard to believe, but 2022 is fast approaching, and for business professionals, that generally means that the planning process for next year has already begun. It’s vital to have your budget planning and allocations in place before the beginning of the new year, otherwise you will be scrambling to catch up for months. Planning is always a difficult prospect, because you can never really anticipate the future with any certainty. However, if you keep these five key strategies in mind, you should be adequately prepared to conduct business in the new year.

Prevent security breaches
If your company were to fall victim to an Internet hacker, all your planning and allocating would be out the window. In fact, a serious incident might even shut you down for some period of time, as you try to recover from the financial hit. Don’t think that you’re immune, because even very large corporations have been victimized for millions in the past. Maybe you can’t cover every single possibility, but it is definitely to your advantage to tighten up all the vulnerabilities you might have. Try limiting access to your most valuable data, update your software regularly and set-up monitoring tools to stay in the know on what is happening with your website(s).

Minimize manual processes, automate data analysis
If you’re still using Excel spreadsheets to assemble and analyze your business data, your team is probably wasting countless hours which could be spent more productively. There are tools available which can automate your data analysis for you, and provide you with more accurate results, much more quickly and efficiently. You need to get a better ROI from your data and analytics, and not settle for processes you’ve used in the past.

Examine supply chain vulnerabilities
If there was one lesson we all learned from the 2020 pandemic and 2021, it’s that there are a number of points on the supply chain which are extremely vulnerable, and can actually be shut down completely. Take a close look at your own supply chain to determine where any weak points exist and develop an alternate strategy.Consider the impact of any outages along your supply chain, and how that would affect your business overall.

Have reliable means of communication
A reliable business phone system is a crucial part of an effective communication strategy and business growth. It should help business flow and should never be a hurdle or a distraction for your business. Joon exists to ensure that your business communications occur seamlessly.

At Joon, we partner with our customers in order to offer a variety of customized cloud-based business solutions. Whether you’re a small office, school, a remote workforce, or a large call center, we’re equipped to assist your business in being successful and maintaining effective communications. Joon’s VoIP phone solution services are designed specifically for business.

Consider your assumptions
Virtually all businesses are built around a few underlying assumptions. A good example might be new regulations which affect your business, or mergers which you know to be in the works. After you’ve identified your main assumptions, consider the impact if those assumptions don’t play out, and have an alternative in mind in that case. While you’re at it, it would be good idea to take a look at last year’s assumptions, and see which of those held up and which did not.

Create some projections
Projections are useful in several ways, primarily from the standpoint of having at least some data and statistics which you can anticipate, usually in terms of sales, profits, and new business. When you’re creating your projections this year, include some scenarios which take into account some X factors that may occur next year. In case some negative impacts do affect your business, you might be able to survive the scenario because you’ve planned for it, and have taken steps to recover from it.

Get on the cloud

Providers, such as Joon, offer cloud-based phone systems with the tools and expertise to help your team be eco-conscious and socially responsible.

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