6 Ways to Effectively Reduce the Cost by Utilizing VoIP

Ways To Reduce Cost By Using A VoIP Solution

Voice over IP (internet protocol), commonly known as VOIP is a cost-effective solution that involves the use of the internet to provide unified communications. VoIP customers often experience a reduction in total expenses while using VoIP service instead of traditional phone lines. Your simple switch from the traditional systems to VoIP services can save your business almost 50% of the money.

In this blog post, we will identify the most important factors to consider for making VoIP solutions cost-efficient.

Confused between “Hosted Vs In-house VoIP Solutions”?

In-house VoIP systems enable you to set up your own hardware system which includes purchasing a VoIP software license and managing the whole system on your own. In most cases, an on-premise VoIP solution gives you full control of your system but at the cost of costly hardware and hefty machines.

On the other hand, in hosted VoIP services you pay an amount to a VoIP provider. They will set up your phones and provide you with a virtual PBX phone number for your business which will be used while installing the software.

Hosted systems are available with a variety of providers offering free trials, so you can test out the call quality, call waiting, and the ability to configure your phone system. Most providers will offer you several different plans and prices to choose from. Additionally, the operating cost for VoIP is minimal as support and maintenance are handled by the service provider(s).

Here are 6 key points to consider for becoming cost-efficient using a business VoIP solution:

Flat Call Pricing: VoIP & telecommuting businesses will have the freedom to make long-distance phone calls at flat pricing. The cellular network has additional costs involved due to state to state or country to country tax. Meanwhile, VoIP providers often give free long-distance calls because it uses the internet as a backbone.

  • Flexibility & Scalability: Since the VoIP service eradicates the hardware dependency, scaling across the location has become simple & effortless. Adapt to increasing subscriber requirements or introducing additional features to fulfill business demands, all at affordable & flexible pricing.
  • Feature-Centric: Traditional phone systems have very limited features that come at an additional cost. VoIP services, on the other hand, comes with its automated features like Voicemail, call forwarding, Conferencing, DND, Music On Hold increase efficiency & productivity without any additional cost.
  • Minimal Maintenance & Support Cost: All the hardware equipment is managed by VoIP Service Provider which in turn minimizes the need for manpower dedicated to the support and operation of the system. This also reduces the cost associated with hardware failure and malfunctions as cost lies with service providers. The complete system can be managed by a single user.
  • Remote work culture: More and more companies are understanding how this culture gives a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting talent. The team becomes global which gives a diversification advantage as well. This can be achieved by hosted VoIP which gives affordable & collaborative technology solutions to companies; making work-environments the same for remote as well as office workers. This can be used not just from desk phones but also from laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery: With growing demand and workload it is critical for systems to be available all the time. With a distributed system in multiple locations, VoIP services provide an adequate safeguard for keeping business operational even at the time of disaster. Additionally, new features can be rolled out with minimal disruption to the system.

The above plus negligible set-up costs will be a great solution for your overall cost-effectiveness. And whenever it’s needed, you can receive help from one of our VoIP & telecommuting experts who can guide you in all of the phases of your journey.


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