7 Useful VoIP Features You Didn’t Know Existed

If you’re not sure how much time you should be interacting with clients on the phone during work hours, don’t worry! We’ve got the answer for you. Experts estimate that the sweet spot is about 60 sales calls per day and an average of 3 hours of talk time with clients.

In order to make this a reality, though, it’s important that your workplace has the most efficient communications system possible. You may already know that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the best alternative to PBX phone lines, but you likely don’t know all of the amazing things that these technologies can do for you. Read on to learn some VoIP features that illustrate why these technologies can help you make sure that your time spent talking with clients is effective and lucrative!

1. Video Calling

You can’t underestimate the importance of a video call when reaching out to clients.

Not only do 93% of businesses say that video chats boost productivity, but 90% of employees agree that talking to someone while looking at their face helps them get their message across better. An additional 89% believe that video chats speed up the process of communicating and save time that could be focused on other tasks!

In addition to making phone calls easier, VoIP streamlines video chats for business. It can transmit video much more quickly than other technologies can, which means that both the picture and audio quality will be clearer when placing calls. This means that it’s easier to create a personal connection with clients and inspire them to choose your services.

2. Sharing Media

In addition to video, VoIP allows you to share media across devices. This includes PDF, Docx, Jpeg, and Excel files, among many other things.

As a result, you can share paperwork with clients more easily than if you needed to stand up and enter numbers into your fax machine. You also can link your media to other employee’s devices to share schedules, agendas, and invitations to meetings. While you could use other communications methods to convey these items, VoIP provides you with access to media on any device and ensures that it can be shared within moments.

3. Access From Multiple Devices

With approximately 4.7 million people working remotely, it’s important that the American workplace adapts to allow people to access their work files and media across multiple devices. This means the tablets and Smartphones of employees should all be able to connect to their work computers and obtain files and information.

VoIP allows this to happen really easily. Because all communications exist on a virtual server, many devices can be linked to them at the same time. This means that people can access media sent to clients and talk to in-house coworkers anytime, anywhere.

4. Call Recording

Some business calls need to be recorded for quality and training reasons. That’s a simple fact. However, this can be a huge process with PBX phone lines that requires expensive add-ons and irritating-to-install hardware.

VoIP phone systems have a built-in recording system so that call records can be automatically uploaded to your network. As a result, all ideas shared in previous conversations can be taken out of your system so that you can jog your memory if you forget anything that was said. This also helps to clear up misunderstandings with clients because you can verify that you gave them information on whatever subject you disagree on.

This is also an awesome method for disaster recovery. If your devices are hacked or extreme weather conditions cause anything to be lost, you can go back into the VoIP records and obtain this information.

5. Intelligent Routing

VoIP systems usually come installed with caller ID, but they take this a step further. Intelligent call routing is an awesome VoIP add-on that recognizes the person best equipped to deal with a certain call and sends it directly to their device.

For example, if your VoIP system identifies an incoming call as likely being related to payroll, it will automatically send that call to your accounting department. There’s no need for someone to waste their time redirecting this call!

This intelligent routing system will also recognize the numbers of regular customers and know which representative they regularly associate with. If a client is known for consistently buying from a specific salesman, that salesman will automatically get any calls made by that client. This makes the communications process faster and ensures that customers have shorter wait times.

6. VIP Numbers

While everyone knows that all customers are important, it’s a simple fact that some clients are bigger than others.

VoIP systems can be programmed to identify your most important clients and designate them as VIPs. These VIP numbers will be provided with faster service than other numbers, and they’ll be directed to the appropriate person to deal with their needs. Your employees will also know that they’re about to interact with one of your most important clients so that they can put on their top-tier professional persona.

7. Business SMS

Another awesome thing that VoIP service can do is send business SMS. If a client calls you and leaves a voicemail, a text message transcript of that voice message can automatically be sent to employee’s email or Smartphones via SMS.

Business SMS also makes it easier for employees to reach one another. Whether these employees are on the other side of the office or working remotely, messages can be sent between any devices. This boosts your communications efficiency and ensures that you don’t waste time trying to reach people in different areas of your business.

Get Awesome VoIP Features Today!

While there are dozens of awesome things you can do with virtual business communications systems, these nine awesome features are some of the coolest and most important ones.

Now that you know some of the best VoIP features you didn’t know existed, it’s time to get started as a partner for VoIP resale. Contact our expert professionals to learn how you can partner with us and power your business with Joon. We’re excited to help you diversify your business portfolio and show you how to put your best foot forward for your clients, so we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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