We may live in the cloud, but our business is human.

During emergencies, unexpected occurrences, and uncertain times, we remain dedicated to keeping you informed, safe, protected, and empowered.

We consider this to be the most boring page on this website. Why you ask? Because this is the service and network status page where you can get real-time updates regarding the health of our systems. And since we can’t remember the last time our systems were down, everything here is typically green and good to go. Our poor support people can relate with the Maytag Man.

Bookmark this page and revisit it to receive our latest tips on emergency preparedness, safety news, and helpful updates.


This is Joon’s current system status. In case you were curious.








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Our job is to make sure that you can always do your job, without interruption.

While our support team is always ready to respond to your needs, we also have a team that keeps informed on natural occurrences, environmental disruptions, electrical outages, and other unexpected issues that can impact your business communications. We take proactive measures to protect our clients from these issues before they arise so that their businesses’ are unaffected. This includes:

  • Joon softphone setup and installation for remote and home working settings
  • Prepare and record emergency and disaster messages
  • Preventative audit of your office network and business communications to identify potential exposure should an issue arise

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