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What kind of savings can I expect if I upgrade to a digital phone network?

It all depends on your business use. On average, you should enjoy at least a 30% savings. With Joon, you’ll have unlimited calling to phone numbers within the continental U.S. and Canada, and to Joon phone numbers worldwide for one flat rate each month. Businesses that have offices in multiple cities or states can save hundreds of dollars each month on long distance charges alone. Optional customized low-rate domestic or international calling plans are also available. Your Joon consultant will work with you to design the best calling plan for your business.

Can I keep my current business phone numbers?

Of course you can. It’s one of the best features to going digital! Upgrading to Joon means you won’t have to worry about losing the phone numbers you’ve spent years promoting. Use your existing numbers, or get new local, toll-free, or virtual numbers. By setting up virtual numbers (local numbers from some other area of the country), customers in those areas can call a local number instead of a toll-free number or incur long-distance charges.

Can I provide music and promote product messages to my customers while they are on hold?
Most definitely! Your callers can listen to music that fits your brand or pre-recorded product and company information while on hold instead of waiting with awkward silence. Some words of advice: Never leave your customers on hold for over a few minutes, but while they’re there, make the most of their time. They are a captive audience… give them something to listen to.
Can I reduce the number of dropped calls when a customer hears a busy signal?
You sure can. With our Digital Phone service and Virtual KEY phone system, your customers will never receive a busy signal when all lines are in use. We provide a voicemail box that sends the recorded voicemail directly to your email. With our Virtual PBX phone service, there is never a busy state for concurrent calls.
Can I get call logs that provide usage information?
Great question! You can receive a standard report or request a file that can be uploaded into your database. From there, you can create any type of report with the information that you require.
Can I use my tablet and smartphone on the network?
Aren’t you savvy! You can use just about any digital device—as long as there’s a phone number attached to the device, it can be added to the network.
Can I easily grow my service as my business grows?
Growth is inevitable when your communications network is spot on! Your Joon system has been designed to grow with you. That’s part of the power of using Joon over other companies. Increase or decrease your level of service to align with your business needs. We can scale your plan accordingly.
Can I replace my aging KEY system with a Virtual KEY phone system and not lose my features?
We see a major upgrade in your future! Yes, a Virtual KEY phone system is feature-rich and will bring additional features to your network rather than lose any of them. Your only loss will be the inconvenience of managing hardware, wires, and equipment maintenance requirements. Pretty appealing, right? What are you waiting for?
Can I integrate my CRM software with Joon services?
Integration is part of the Joon perks. Our Virtual PBX system allows custom connection to your third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. When answering the phone, simply click a button, and your CRM customer page appears. You may also want to include our Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook Contacts plug-ins to click on a number to call.
Do you offer Click-to-Dial features?

We’re glad you asked. Yes, we offer two different options. First, Microsoft Outlook integration allows you to dial a phone number directly from the Outlook Contacts. Secondly, Google Chrome browser integration tags every phone number on any web page, where you can click on the number you want to dial. This also allows you to browse a web page and locate phone numbers when you are away from the office. You can use this capability with the “Find Me” feature to select your cell phone, then when you click on a number, your cell phone rings and when answered, the web page number is called for you.

Both options require free plug-ins.

Will there be interruptions to my service during the installation of the new equipment and services?
No way, José. Our technicians work with you to ensure a fail-safe transition from your equipment to ours. Device cut-overs may occur in a staggered order to ensure full back-up support at all times during the installation.
Can I take my phone home? Or take it when I travel?
Yes you can. We are the traveling kind as well. Each phone within your organization is addressed by a unique extension number. This allows you to dial from extension to extension using just the 2-6 digit assigned number. It doesn’t matter whether the other extension is across the aisle or across the country. That same extension could be in Florida on Monday and moved to Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Each extension can be assigned one or more local, toll-free, or virtual phone numbers. Each extension has its own voice mailbox and additional mailboxes are available. Assign extension numbers to cell phones and work at home phones so your road warriors and home workers can enjoy the same system features as those in your office.
How can I tell if I have a Key or PBX phone system?
Simple. Do you have a light for each phone line on every phone? Do you transfer a call by telling someone to “pick up line 1”? If so, then you have a Key system.
Can I access my voicemail remotely?
Yes, anywhere, anytime. You can call from any phone and access your voicemail box.
Can I receive my office voicemail on my Smartphone?
Most definitely. Your office voicemail can be sent to your Smartphone and be listened to on your Smartphone without having to make a call to voicemail.
Can I receive my office voicemail in my email inbox?
Yes, and you’re going to love this feature.
My phone isn’t working the way I want it to. Can I talk to someone live about this? Does that have an associated cost?
Yes. It’s what makes working with Joon so great. Our support staff is U.S.-based and will be happy to help you, free of charge. Simply contact us by calling 844-GET JOON or by emailing
Can I get my calls to ring on my cell phone?
Yes, and it’s quite simple to do so… In your user portal, just add your cell phone number to the “Find-Me” list.

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