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What is VoIP and how can it help my business?

Voice over Internet protocol. This latest development in technology allows you to make, receive, and forward calls over the Internet instead of the old telephone lines. VoIP is portable so you’re not tied down to a desk or an office and it’s much more cost-effective.

How do I switch over from my current provider to Joon?

It’s simple. First, contact one of our Joon team members. Then we do the rest.

Can I keep my phone numbers?
You sure can. In fact, you can obtain numbers from any place in the world and they will work just like local numbers do.
Do you provide Internet service?
We do not. However, we can assist you in finding the best provider for your needs. We have years of experience working with a number of ISPs and would happy to share that knowledge with you.
Can I have a system with extensions and if so, how many?
You can as many as you desire.
What does it mean when you refer to your service being in the “cloud?” or “cloud-based?”
Simply put, the term refers to the fact that the physical equipment powering the cloud-based service is not in your office but is accessible through the Internet. That means you can use that service anywhere you are as long as you have a stable Internet connection.
What happens if I need to move my service and phones to a new location?
It’s no different than moving your computer and other equipment. Perhaps it’s even easier. Just take your phones and plug them in at the new location. And if it’s necessary, you can have your lines working simultaneously in both the old and new locations.
Can I use my Joon service to report an emergency?
Absolutely. Simply dial 911.
Do you provide help with installation and set up?
Yes, we sure do. We can support you onsite or remotely.
What do I do if I am switching from a PBX or Key system?

You can focus on your work or get out and play golf. We do all the work and get you some new phones. You won’t need that big box in your I.T. closet anymore.

Does Joon work on my smartphone, tablet, or another device?
Yes. In fact, many of our customers use their smart devices when they are traveling or away from their desks. You can use the Joon Softphone on your smartphone and enjoy the same functions available on your desk phone.
Can I travel and take my phone?
Yes, you certainly can. Pack up your desk phone and connect it to a live Ethernet port. Otherwise, you can use the Joon Softphone on your smartphone. And if you go somewhere nice, be sure to share your pictures with us.
Can I make international calls?
Yes, you can. Plus if you have an international office, you can reach them internally by simply typing in the person’s extension.
I currently have a key system. Will it work the same with Joon?
Yes. All you will need are new phones that we can provide you with. Unlike other VoIP business phone service providers, Joon can provide you with the same features of your current key system.
I have multiple locations, how do we call each other?
The simplest way is by dialing that person’s extension. You may also call the office number (which is a free call) and get transferred to that person’s extension that way. However, dialing extension to extension is the easiest and most practical way.
I’m an entrepreneur, how can I use one receptionist for all my companies?
There are several ways to accomplish this and it’s just a matter of preference. Each company can have its own phone button or a unique ring tone to differentiate one from the other. Whisper, one of our most powerful tools, can tell you which company the call is for without interrupting the call. This feature is especially convenient when being used with your cell or cordless phone.
How do I cancel service with Joon?
Although it is highly unlikely that this will ever be needed, we understand that circumstances may arise. You can either call or send us an email. Whichever you prefer. We will fulfill your request and even assist you with your transition to new service so that it is smooth and seamless.

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