How Branded Auto Attendants Showcase Your Business Personality

Are you a stickler for details? We’re convinced that the details matter, especially when building a brand. Brand building is the intangible asset that sets every business apart. Your brand’s assets are the details that define how a potential customer meets you and, more importantly, how they remember you moving forward.

One of the most undervalued assets in a brand’s arsenal is the use of an auto attendant. In case you’re unfamiliar, an auto-attendant is a software that automatically answers incoming calls and directs the user to the proper information or person.

For example, an auto-attendant may answer an incoming call by greeting the caller, “Good Morning, and thank you for calling XYZ brand. Please listen to the following menu options before selecting a number.”

For obvious reasons, the auto attendant is often the first encounter with new customers. Having a branded auto attendant for your business can help solve several underlying challenges. These challenges include:

  • Missed customer calls
  • Improper call routing
  • Abandoned calls

Interestingly, customers prefer to speak to a representative to have their inquiries answered. However, according to Time over 60% of customers say they call to complain, get nothing. A well-thought-out branded auto attendant can help your business craft a positive and memorable customer experience in a world where most customer service inquiries are left unaddressed.

While branded auto attendants are great for customer service, they also provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your company’s personality. In an ideal world, we’d all have a chance to craft auto-attendant messaging to greet people who have never met us before.

Branded auto attendants that include brand assets (like tones, jingles, or phrases) alongside a carefully crafted brand voice can help showcase more personal, relatable characteristics of a company.

For example, your branded auto attendant may choose to take on a light-hearted and fun messaging style. This personalized experience can help callers connect on a personal level.

When it comes to brand personality, every brand is different. However, a branded auto attendant helps brings our company personality descriptions we’ve put on paper into the real world.

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