Why Law Firm Clients Need VoIP

As an advisor, consultant, or service provider to law firms and attorneys, you may wish to offer your clients some compelling reasons why they need to either switch over to VoIP or to a better VoIP provider. Some of those reasons are as follows:

  1. Mobility: Reach your legal team when you need them. Whether they are in the office or out in the field.
  2. Call routing: Capture more leads and clients with proper call routing. Keep existing clients happy by connecting them with the right people quickly.
  3. CRM integration: Get the most out of your client database. Monitor key sales channels, determine preferred communication flow, and help your team communicate with greater efficiency.
  4. Streamline communication: Meet faster and with better features than ever before. Whether it’s via conference line or recording video conferences, VoIP can help your team communicate with greater ease. Now legal teams can turn a 45-minute meeting into a 15-minute conference call.
  5. Feature-rich scalability: Take advantage of high-grade technology features that allow legal teams to do advanced tasks quickly (e.g. billable call hours, virtual receptionists, and others).
Work from Home


Spoiler alert. The Joon Softphone is the hero in the following story.

Recently, one of our Joon partners informed us of an 80-person law firm that they work with and the urgent need they had to move their workforce into each one’s respective homes. We immediately started outlining an office migration plan and determined that having each employee take their desk phone home would be too time-consuming logistically. Instead, we decided to set up each person with a Joon softphone which got them up and running immediately. Joon configured an app that immediately connected each employee to their extension via an emailed QR code. Our reseller partner provided us with the names and extensions for each law firm personnel and within seconds and they were able to use their softphones in the same manner in which they used their desk phones.




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