The Complete Guide to Becoming a Managed Service Provider

When a company has a handle on tech, it’s easier for your company to communicate, protect your data, and flat-out get more work done. Information Technology (IT) is an industry on pace for 10% growth over the next decade.

Many companies are becoming clear on these facts, and are choosing to outsource their IT work with a managed services provider. If you’re a tech-savvy entrepreneur who wants to make a difference, opening a managed service company could provide value to plenty and bring in profits.

Read on to learn more about becoming a successful managed service provider.

1. Put Together a Team of the Best IT Professionals

The first thing you should do is hire a team of the most capable and skilled IT pros to work with. When you bring in IT contractors that are not only skillful but also dedicated to continuously learning and growing, your company always has a shot at success.

This is more important in tech than any other field since technology moves at a rapid rate. As you comb through resumes, find out what certifications these IT professionals hold. Some of the most valuable IT certifications include Certified data professional (CDP), Certified ethical hacker (CEH), Certified information systems auditor (CISA), and Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

When you get a feel for their experience, you’ll know which professionals can contribute and help you grow your company. From there, choose people with the right personality to fit right in and create a synergy that pushes your company forward.

2. Legally Designate Your Business and Handle All Your Filings

While IT is the service that you provide, you need to begin thinking about and conducting yourself as a business first and foremost. Make this happen legally by designating your company and filing the paperwork.

If it’s just you, your designation is a sole proprietorship. There are several other business designations, such as a General Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), an S-Corporation. Take the time to address your filings so that your company is legally able to operate where you live.

3. Create a Business Plan for Your Managed IT Services

Put together a quality business plan that will help you with your roll out your managed services company effectively. Your business plan will serve as the foundation for your company and clearly explains what moves you’ll make for the next few years.

The business plan should outline matters like your company’s name, an executive summary or vision statement, a breakdown of your market, an analysis of what positions you need to hire, job descriptions, budget, and plans for growth. Taking the time to get these issues hammered out in writing will give you a sound road map, and clears up any confusion.

4. Figure Out Your Audience and Who You Serve

Knowing who you are should be your first priority. When you know who you are and what you do best, it also allows you to figure out what audience of customers depends on you.

Understanding your customer will help you fulfill their needs more effectively, and will hone your marketing strategy.

Some companies might need a quality business Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, while others may need to optimize their video infrastructure. Perhaps you specialize in helping companies in certain industries. Clarify this upfront and you’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time and money.

5. Diligently and Consistently Learn Sales

Even if sales aren’t your thing, you need to learn sales strategies and philosophies like the back of your hand. Your company relies on finding new customers and creating long-term value.

This means that your team needs to be just as aggressive about making sales as they are about providing IT services. Make sure that your professionals are great at speaking about the services that they provide so that they can get upsells and to let people know what they’re getting.

6. Handle Your Internal Managed IT Services Impeccably

Your company should be a case study for the services that you provide. When you have top-notch internal information technology services, you’re setting the tone inside your building.

This way, your professionals will always be prepared to offer the best service, and your internal communication infrastructure will remain fast and stable.

7. Begin Marketing Your Company to the Fullest

The way that you market your company will be the difference between success and failure. Post lots of video content related to fixing IT issues. This gives you the chance to establish credibility while also offering loads of value to so many people around the world.

Taking in this free content will build their trust in you so that they’re more likely to hire you once they need dedicated IT service. In addition to video content, you should run a blog that provides much of the same value.

Allocate some of your marketing budget toward purchasing ads that will get your business more traction and generate leads. It may also be worthwhile for you to hire an outside marketing company to create strategies and campaigns that work.

Become a Managed Service Provider

Consider these tips when you’re opening up a managed service provider company. This is an industry that you can make an impact on right away. Once you take the time to get up and running, make sure that you keep learning and scaling your business using wisdom and discretion.

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