If you’re in Houston, Texas, or the surrounding areas, you can earn supplemental revenue as one of our resellers in our Joon Partner program.

Sell VoIP and Business Cloud Communications Solutions

Earn some extra money by reselling Joon’s business cloud communications line of products and services to your clients and new leads coming in regularly. The interest in VoIP and specifically softphone technology has increased exponentially as businesses began transitioning their employees to a work-from-home environment. This experience has been so positive that many companies are considering making remote working a permanent option. And since many homes are not equipped properly for business communications, this opens up a great opportunity for our resellers to expand their lead base.

We will train you on how to resell our solutions and support you along the way.


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A Joon Reseller Success Story

One of our reseller partners recently requested that we support them with one of their clients that were about to move their employees to work from home. This 80-person law firm had to take immediate action in order to protect its staff from the COVID-19 outbreak and comply with local and state mandates. Our solution was to help our partner get each employee set up with a Joon softphone so that they could continue working without interruption. We emailed a QR code to each employee that they scanned and began taking and receiving calls.

Being a Joon reseller partner means that you always have our support because when you succeed, we all do.