How Can VoIP Help Your Businesses?

In today’s world of Internet and high speed digital connections, far too many businesses are still using traditional land lines as their main form of communications. The cloud has the potential to expand your options for communications in a way that traditional lines simply cannot. VoIP systems (voice over Internet protocol systems) are more cost-effective and provide a greater array of services that can help your business in many ways.

Automating Your Data Collection Efforts

Your customer service representatives can certainly collect customer data over traditional phone lines. However, this is hardly the most efficient way to do so. Personalized AI driven outreach can be more effective than scripted conversations with human representatives, say many data experts. Because the chat bots that you can easily connect to a VoIP system now have the ability to move through conversation trees based on customer responses, businesses can optimize those trees based on hard data about how to extract customer information.

Effectively, you are eliminating human error from the data collection process. The personality misfires that may occur when your rep is having a bad day do not occur when a business VoIP system is utilized along with the technologies it naturally integrates with. What’s more, a business VoIP system infused with machine learning conversation trees becomes better as it collects more data. Ideally, you will see a gradual and consistent rise in the amount of data you collect from sales calls.

You may have the best customer service representatives calling your prospects over traditional lines. In previous technological generations, pure skill may have outweighed and outplayed AI. However, today there is more than enough data to provide automated systems with the ability to learn on their own. Couple this with the fact that many top sales reps have been conscripted to provide the initial data for AI systems, and you have what can truly be called the next generation of data collection at your fingertips.

Calling – No Phone Necessary

Ironically, we seem to be in an age when we use phones for everything except calling people. Where do we do our calling from (especially high level business calls)? We do it from laptops, tablets and other digital devices – seemingly everything except the phone!

If you want to involve yourself in this new circle of communication, you need business VoIP. Industry leaders are turning to business VoIP as a new standard because of its expanded feature base and cost efficiency. What’s more, they have to do it because their suppliers, vendors and top prospects are moving into the space as well. You may still be able to call people from a traditional phone line, but they will look at you as if you are quite caught up with what is going on in modern business. This is definitely no way to impress upon prospects that you are the best option to do business with.

Furthermore, being able to call without a phone means that you have expanded options for communications. Major cities and business hubs around the world are connected through a global digital network that almost alleviates you of the need to carry a personal communications device! Whether you are at an airport, in a hotel, at a business lounge or even just in a city square, you will usually have a way to contact anyone else in the global business space. However, this is only true if you have created your own identity in this space through business VoIP service.

Some experts like to call it the “Superman phenomenon.” In the 1930s and 1940s, Clark Kent ran into a phone booth in order to change into his Superman costume to fight the bad guys. Comic book storytellers had to change this meme for modern Superman comics. Why? The phone booth is no longer a staple of society!

Relying on the traditional phone line limits your ability to function in the global business space, just as the 1939 Superman would have a limited use in 2019 because there are no phone booths around!

Additionally, you never have to worry about minutes on a plan running out or being unable to connect with an international client because of the limitations on a traditional phone network. You can actually get a number that is local to the people you are calling regardless of where you are in the world. This helps to build trust and provide a convenience for your business partners, both of which are essential to doing good business.

Different & Expanded Forms of Communication

The phone line gives you a single form of communication – talking (over increasingly grainy connections). There is certainly nothing wrong with talking, but there are much more efficient ways to do business today. Business VoIP gives you the option to include documents and video in your communications, simultaneously expanding your ability to communicate while consolidating the time it takes to communicate.

If you can fit more information into less time, then you do better business. In the modern age of instant information in real time to of its, you and your business partners need to exchange as much data as quickly as possible. Once you upgrade into the world of business VoIP, you gain the ability to send and receive exponentially more data than you would over a traditional phone line.

The right business VoIP service also gives you the ability to transcribe one form of communication to another. For instance, if you receive a voicemail, you can actually move that communication into text form or send it directly to an email. You also have the ability to separate audio from video and send separate files to different parties if necessary.

Enormous Cost Savings

For all of the features mentioned above, you may think that you would pay exponentially more for business VoIP. Actually, you will probably end up paying less for this service than you would for traditional phone lines. This is especially true if you are going to be doing business internationally. International rates are incredibly low if you are taking and receiving calls over the Internet, which is set up to connect people internationally.

Because digital technology is the service that companies are investing in, you can expect better service from VoIP than you could and from traditional phone lines. All the grainy background noise that you get from landlines all but disappears if you pick the right business VoIP partner.

As Internet technology continues to proliferate throughout the world, the cost of VoIP lines will continue to drop. No forward thinking telecommunications business is investing in traditional phone networks anymore. You can actually expect rising prices if you continue to use this technology, which is becoming more antiquated by the day.

Easy Information Transfer

For business people on the move, being able to transfer a call between devices is essential. You may be moving from one location to another and be unable to take the communications device with you. You may also need to move away from a central hub and transport yourself to another location without dropping the call. This would be impossible with a traditional landline, but it is actually quite easy using voice over Internet protocol.

This easy information transfer makes taking a business call over lunch, in an airport terminal or in a remote location a simple process. This means you can do business with peace of mind, knowing that you can always get in touch and receive calls from anyone should an emergency situation arise (as it always seems to do if you lose the ability to communicate).

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