How IoT and Voice Activation Will Power Your Business

As the number of Internet-of-Things applications continue to grow, there will be more opportunities to enhance the ways we can use smart devices to interact, communicate and collaborate in business. Voice activation harnesses the power of speech to eliminate having to monitor screens or input data and is one technology that is the perfect complement to IoT. Voice-activated IoT devices are hands-free and further blurs the lines between the digital and physical. Combining the two technologies via smart devices equates to efficiency, flexibility, and presence and will improve your business performance in different ways.

Targeted Marketing 

Generic and vague marketing will not yield the results your business needs. Voice-activated IoT applications can help you develop and cement the voice of your brand—figuratively and literally—and make your targeting efforts more precise. Imagine how you could boost your brand and the leads you would generate if your innovative marketing strategies are executed on the right platforms and devices at the most opportune time in your potential customer’s purchasing cycle and with the just the right messaging.

With connected smart devices, you can obtain an accurate and up-to-date picture of where, when and how your customers interact with the services or products you provide. This results in actionable information, like the consumers’ reception of your brand and how your brand is faring against your competitors, which can be used to create more personalized and relevant marketing.

Facilitate Communication in the Workplace (Wherever the Workplace is at the Moment)

Whether your employees are on-site, telecommuting or traveling, IoT with voice technology can ensure that they are able to remain present and fully engaged. Speech can be used with various smart devices for documentation-intensive tasks. Employees can have immediate access to internal resources just by speaking aloud. Meetings where the smart devices serve as the meeting room can take place so that all employees, regardless of location, can participate as if they were in a single place. The connectivity and ease of use of voice-activated devices with IoT technology will increase collaboration among your employees, make them more engaged and enhance productivity.

Personalize Interactions with Consumers

Voice activation has already carved out a place for itself as a component of the consumer experience. Many consumers welcome the simplicity and convenience of using smart devices that require that they only speak aloud to make them function. These devices also record information about your consumers that can be used to inform future interactions. IoT technology connects the various devices used by your consumers, resulting in a consumer experience that is even more integrated and seamless.

Improve Business Processes 

Optimizing your business processes with IoT and voice activation requires integrating the two technologies across those processes. Customer service systems, supply chain, sales and other aspects of your business can interact seamlessly. Consider the advantage of being able to reduce the latency period between when an event occurs in a process and when the information about that event is recorded in the system. Having that information in real time can impact the decisions you make about workloads, staffing or other processes that use the same information. You could identify areas of redundancy, or processes that no longer serve a function in your business.

It may be tempting to equate the two technologies as being part of the future. If that is the case, then the future is already here. The integration of voice activation into IoT devices has a number of business applications and can be the key to how you transform your business.

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