How Real Estate Agents Benefit From Hosted VoIP

Are you a Joon partner or perhaps considering providing VoIP services for your real estate clients? If so, this article will help you understand how real estate agents or real estate firms can benefit from hosted VoIP services.

Why Hosted VoIP Services are Ideal for Real Estate Agents

If your pitching VoIP services to real estate clients, it’s important to share why hosted VoIP is ideal. First, hosted VoIP ensures the platform manages VoIP service, including software, bandwidth, and available features. Making real estate clients aware that they do not have to contend with or manage the technical infrastructure is key.

Secondly, hosted VoIP also includes options like VoIP softphones or 3rd party integrations. These features provide ultimate flexibility for realtors to remain mobile or integrate existing systems like CRM’s with VoIP services.

How are VoIP Services Better Than Standard Smartphones for Realtors?

As mentioned above, one of the primary lures of hosted VoIP is the ability to integrate with 3rd party software or services. However, hosted VoIP is generally better than standard smartphones because hosted VoIP services are built for professional use as opposed to conventional telephony. In contrast to standard smartphones, hosted VoIP incorporates features like call routing, auto-attendant features, and software.

Benefits of VoIP Services for Real Estate Agents

Apart from why VoIP is ideal for realtors, several specific benefits help realtors stand out from their competition. These benefits include:

  • Remote flexibility
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Call routing
  • + much more

How To Leverage Hosted VoIP Services For Your Clients

As a partner or agency considering adding VoIP services to your client offerings, it’s crucial to understand how VoIP benefits your real estate clients. The key takeaway here is that hosted VoIP service for realtors provides a clever mix of both today’s communication technology and savvy business features that support a realtor’s back-office processes.

If you serve clients in the real estate industry you could earn some extra revenue as a Joon Partner.

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