How Remote Teams Benefit From VoIP Business Communications Systems

Do you have customers that are still struggling to maintain the same level of efficiency as they had come to expect in a traditional office environment? Are your customers noticing that their outdated phone equipment is causing them issues like glitches and dropping calls?

Transitioning an office staff to a remote workforce doesn’t have to be an overwhelming exercise. However, remote teams require more communication than what is typically expected in a traditional office environment. Employees can easily feel isolated and detached from their team if there isn’t enough communication, whether audio or video. Managers and employees alike need services and systems that are reliable, full-featured, and able to provide all the tools needed to maintain effective communications with their team. If you are a business consultant or service provider for businesses, you have probably been asked to assist them with their migration to remote working, specifically working from home. This is where VoIP serves as the ideal solution. Because access to Internet is all that is required to operate a VoIP phone, remote workers can work practically anywhere they can find a reliable Internet source.

The challenge remote teams typically encounter is centered around communications. Whether it’s the ability to seamlessly connect with co-workers or manage business calls just as professionally as they would do in their traditional office. Consequently, some deeper collaboration decisions like bandwidth, hardware requirements, and international rates are some of the top concerns for remote teams.

Joon’s VoIP business phone solutions are both portable and full-featured. some of those include unlimited phone calling, conference calling, traditional fax, email fax, and a customizable auto-attendant. As a Joon partner, you can help your customers receive all of these solutions within one system and backed with Joon’s dedicated support team.

VoIP essentially eliminates standard telephony or POTS (plain old telephone service) impediments like cost, hardware requirements, and infrastructure by allowing remote teams to have the often of making and receiving calls using a softphone which allows the office to essentially travel with the employee due to its low profile portability.

A softphone is an app that can be installed on any iOS or Android mobile device and is provided by VoIP business phone companies such as Joon. Joon’s cloud-based VoIP system is perfectly suited for flexibility and mobility. With the use of a Joon softphone which is installed as a mobile phone app, employees are able to provide the same communication support whether they are at home, traveling, or in the office. Through the app, they practically have access to the same functionality their desk phones provide; bringing their office into the home virtually at no additional cost. Additionally, when an employee makes a call, their personal cell phone number never appears on caller ID. The softphone app is simple to install and set up and requires no additional hardware except your mobile device. In fact, with a simple scan of a QR code after the app is downloaded and installed, the phone is all configured and ready to go. The process takes less than a minute.

This means teams can use VoIP conference calling on any device with minimal internet bandwidth. VoIP can also integrate flexible call-in features for teams that are in isolated areas without standard internet connectivity.

If your customer needs help getting started with VoIP for their remote team, this step by step plan to help their remote team may helpful:

  • Discuss features that are fundamental to operations (e.g. customer conference calls, SMS, or calendar integration).
  • Determine whether their team will need extensions or call routing.
  • Determine what devices their team members have to ensure the softphone app is compatible with all team members.
  • Set a budget for the VoIP implementation project.

After determining the features required by your customer so that they can communicate remotely, you’re ready to begin implementation. Start by gathering the top 3 VoIP service providers that match your customer’s requirements. As a Joon reseller partner, you have four different partner levels from which to operate, depending on the level of involvement and responsibility you feel comfortable with.

Next, determine if your customer needs any custom integrations like third party apps or API integrations. Depending on the technical level, you’ll need to adapt this process so that it is feasible to implement. After determining what service providers fall within your customer’s scope schedule a demo call.

We always recommend testing any software first, to ensure it matches your expectations and is fits your customer’s needs. Take a day to set up the main VoIP system infrastructure and supporting stations and extensions. Then schedule a team training call to introduce the VoIP service. Be sure calendar invites include call requirements and instructions on how to prepare for the call. Consider this an onboarding step in the process where every member should be prepared to learn about the new service and actively set up their Joon VoIP extension and phone.

While going through the new Joon service with your customer, be sure to record the call with their permission, so that it can be reused at a later time. For instance, when a new employee is hired, the customer can provide he/she with the recording to help them get set up with ease. After completing the call, consider sending out an anonymous team survey so that employees can provide feedback on their experience using the solution.

Joon offers a variety of cloud-powered business solutions and support that can be customized to fit the operational ecosystem of any business size from small offices to large call centers. We believe that support begins the moment we welcome a new customer by making sure they receive personalized customer service and anticipating problems before they happen. This is because we make sure to get to know all of our customers individually and in many cases, establish a first name basis type of relationship. With one of our Joon routers, we can manage their service remotely and anticipate potential issues, monitor performance, and make all necessary updates. When issues that can not be corrected remotely occur, we will send out real people to your customer’s business to help.

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