How to Choose the Best Business Phone Number for Your Needs

What to know when choosing a phone number for your business

Whether you’re looking to change your existing business phone number, add an additional number or choose a number for a new business, you’ll want a business phone number that generates the most attention for your business. Your number is not just a way for customers to contact you, it can also be a way to increase your company’s credibility as well as establish a presence–locally, nationally, or internationally.

If you’re a small business owner, you may be using your personal phone number to make and receive work-related calls. This can be inefficient in many ways. Separating personal calls from business-related calls can be difficult when using the same number and might make your business look unprofessional. Having a dedicated business phone connection lets you and your customers know any calls to that number are important to the business.

After a website, a business phone number is the main contact for most customers. A more personalized number can make your business stand out from the others. Do you need a toll-free number, local number or personalized vanity number?

Here are some tips on choosing the best business phone number for your needs:

  • Toll-Free Numbers
    One advantage of having a toll-free business phone number is that callers can access it from most anywhere, giving your company a national or international presence. These “free” numbers can appear more professional to customers and allow callers to contact the business easily. Depending on the number sequence you choose, toll-free numbers can also be easier to remember.
  • Vanity Numbers
    A vanity number identifies and advertises your business in the number sequence and makes your contact details specific to your business. If it’s catchy enough, a vanity number can make your business number easier to remember. For example: Homer’s Tree Trimming Service might be 1-555-HOMER-TT or a towing company might just be 1-555-WE-TOW-U2. Vanity numbers are ideal for advertising and marketing campaigns where the number is on full display.
  • Local Numbers
    Choosing a local number can help a business establish a presence in a specific region even if the business is not physically located there. Companies select a local prefix or three-digit dialing code that represents the region they are targeting. This makes it easier for local callers to connect with you and might lower your long-distance calling costs.
  • Keep it Simple
    When choosing a business number, try to keep the number sequence simple. Numbers with repeating digits can be eye-catching and easier to dial and remember. Though you may not get the exact sequencing you’d like, ask your phone service provider to search for specific combinations you prefer.
  • Using VoIP phone service
    Whatever type of business phone number you choose for your business, the best number is the one that suits your company’s needs and budget.

Choosing a business phone number through a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, phone service, can save you money in set up costs and monthly fees. VoIP phone service also offers more choices when it comes to choosing numbers.

If you don’t have a VoIP phone service provider, you’ll need to find a service plan with a provider that can grow with you and offers the features, prices, and options you want—such as voicemail, auto-attendant and a mobile app.

Setting up your business phone number through your VoIP provider should be quick and easy, and available to use immediately.

Get on the cloud

Providers, such as Joon, offer cloud-based phone systems with the tools and expertise to help your team enjoy the convenience, cost-savings, and flexibility a VoIP phone number can provide.

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