How to Maintain a Business VoIP Phone System

If you aren’t making enough sales calls on a regular workday, you aren’t going to reel many clients in. On the other hand, too many sales calls lead to unproductive communications and painfully short conversations. According to expert knowledge, the ideal level of productivity is making around 60 sales calls a day that add up to about 3 hours of call time.

To hit that sweet spot, it’s important that you have efficient and well-maintained phone system in place. A business VoIP phone system is the way to go, but you need to conduct regular maintenance on it to ensure smooth running. Here, we’re going to talk about maintaining your VoIP system, so read on to learn how to keep your connection uninterrupted!

Understand How VoIP Works

Before you can begin maintaining your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, you need to understand the mechanics behind how it works.

You know how PBX landline systems connect you with an endpoint via a series of network cables? VoIP doesn’t require this hardware. It’s a Cloud-based technology that’s completely wireless and connects point A to point B over a WiFi network.

This allows you to make both voice and video calls with clients and business partners in other locations over the network. You can also share media including images and PDFs. As long as you maintain your VoIP system properly, these communications will be significantly faster and clearer than PBX systems are.

Maintenance requires you to have an understanding of this software because you’ll need to know what it should be doing in order to keep it up to speed. You also will need to know when something is going wrong with it so that you can talk to a professional at the appropriate time.

Meet Regularly With Your Provider

Speaking of talking to experts, you should meet with your VoIP provider regularly. This is the case even if you don’t think that anything is wrong with your technology. Sometimes an expert eye can catch problems that someone who isn’t trained in VoIP systems simply wouldn’t notice.

Experts can also tell you when you aren’t up to date on the latest wireless technologies. They can inform you about upgrades that might assist you in communicating with those you need to reach. If there are new advancements in VoIP that you haven’t heard about before, a provider can explain these to you in detail and help you to understand the benefits of the upgrades that are being offered.

Keep Up With the Latest Tech

Keeping up with the latest technology in VoIP is essential to smooth business operations. Because wireless communication is an ever-evolving thing, there will be new advancements in the industry fairly often.

Currently, AI is taking off in many industries, including the VoIP market. Because of this, we may be seeing some serious advancements in automatic call placement, speech-to-text services, and lead generation that connects leads to your phone system automatically. This is only one example of changes that might happen in the near future.

Since VoIP is still a fairly new technology, experts are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to access and operate. As a result, you don’t want to be left out. Subscribe to provider mailing lists, sign up for online VoIP communities, and talk to your provider at the regular maintenance meetings that you schedule.

Replace Hardware When Necessary

In addition to keeping up with the latest software, you also will need to keep up with having up-to-date and well-functioning hardware.

This means checking and replacing handsets/headsets and cables when you need to. In fact, it may be a good idea to have some spare hardware put away in a closet within your office. You might cringe away from doing this as a large up-front expense, but it’s a good idea since you’ll have replacement parts immediately when something breaks.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a position where you don’t have a working cable half an hour before a long-distance call to an important client. You also don’t want to lose out on a week’s productivity because your handset is broken and it’s going to take a few days to get a new one. Plan ahead and be prepared!

Check Your Security Often

It should go without saying that you need to check your network security regularly, but too many people go for huge lengths of time without doing this. These same people are the ones that usually get hacked unexpectedly and have their personal information stolen in droves. Don’t let this catch you by surprise.

Instead, make sure that you update any antiviral software that you use to protect the network. Double-encrypt (or triple-encrypt) any data on your network, including your VoIP system. This stops malware and hackers from being able to access your communications technologies and steal all of the correspondence that you’ve had with clients and partners over the network.

Make sure that you also train your employees on how to appropriately use your VoIP system without accidentally installing malware to it. This will lessen the chances of a breach resulting from employee error.

Get a Business VoIP Phone System Today!

There are many benefits to installing VoIP communications technologies in your workspace, and these systems are also incredibly easy to maintain. Because of this easy maintenance, it’s also easy to diversify your services and move into selling VoIP to both existing and new clients!

Now that you know how to maintain a business VoIP phone system, it’s time to get started! Become a VoIP resale partner with us to share the many benefits of VoIP with your customers. Not only can you purchase VoIP services from our leading experts, but you can sell these services to others and expand your portfolio, boost your ROI, and grow your business.

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