How to Promote the Many Advantages of VoIP as a Reseller

With a market currently over $14 billion, VoIP is one of the most effective communications technologies on the market. Because of this, reselling these services is one of the most advantageous moves that you can make in growing your business! It expands your portfolio, allows you to take on new clients, and makes you a more diversified company, so why wouldn’t you want to become a reseller?

Still, even if you know that resale is a lucrative and simple endeavor, you likely are wondering how you can convey the advantages of VoIP to potential clients. That’s what we’re going to talk about here today! Read on to learn the ways that you can get VoIP clients and start reeling in a bit of extra cash for your business.

Read Up on the Advantages of VoIP

If you’re unaware of the advantages of VoIP, it’s impossible for you to convey them to your target audience. Because of this, you need to take the time to become an expert on the topic.

Do your research and learn how VoIP works and the ways that it’s installed. You can convey this knowledge to your customers later so that they feel supported after purchasing communications technologies from your business. VoIP is a new product that your business is selling, so treat it like one! Educate yourself and your staff on the specifics of how it works.

You also will want to read up on the benefits of VoIP for small businesses. Most of your clients will be these companies, so knowing this will help you to sell your services to them. The fact that it improves efficiency while saving time and money, the idea of a user-friendly and versatile communications interface, and easy-to-access customer support are just some of the issues that you need to stress.

Create a Business Pitch

Once you know the advantages of VoIP and have them well-ingrained in your mind, the next step is to create a business pitch that makes your services irresistible to customers.

Your pitch is going to vary depending on the medium that you’re presenting it through. In-person presentations will need PowerPoints or similarly engaging visuals to get your point across. On the phone, you may simply need to walk your potential client through the benefits of VoIP for their business and engage with any and all questions that they may have.

However, the fundamentals of your business pitch will remain the same:

  • Discuss what VoIP is and why it’s becoming more and more popular for businesses
  • Talk about some of the advantages of VoIP that you think are most relevant to the client
  • Relate these advantages to the specific industry or market under which your client operates
  • Talk about your sales experience and qualifications to ensure that clients know that you’re a reputable seller
  • Discuss why they should buy from you rather than competitors (offer some deals such as discounted first-month VoIP, a waiver of installation costs, or a free trial of the other services that your business offers)
  • Make it clear that you’re available to answer any questions

Spend as much time as needed talking to potential clients and answering their questions. Be kind and make them like you- this goes a long way when making sales!

Use Web Content and Social Media

In addition to direct sales pitches, you’ll want to use online platforms to communicate with potential VoIP customers.

As a pre-existing business, you already have a clientele that uses your other services. Sending out an email to these clients advertising your VoIP services is a great way to garner interest. Use a similar sales pitch to what you would on the phone, but be sure that you link to your official webpage and include visuals like graphics and video in the email body.

Speaking of video, 73% of consumers are more likely to buy from your company after watching a video on your services. This means that you should upload VoIP-related video content to your website and social media.

Make sure that you also post about your new VoIP services on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. This will get the word of your new offerings out to people who have already shown an interest in your business!

Be Personable but Professional

Whether you’re giving pitches on the phone, in-person, or online, you’re going to need to use an appropriate brand voice to relay your messages.

You want to be personable and friendly. Acting like a real person makes people connect more with your brand and your services because they understand that they’re engaging and interacting with another human being. At its root, all business-to-business marketing is based on human-to-human connections. Take advantage of that!

However, being warm and open doesn’t mean that you should be unprofessional. You want potential customers to view you as an authority. Don’t become overly-friendly with your clients and ask too many personal questions. Professional language is also essential. Address people appropriately and make sure that you use easy-to-understand words to relay the concepts you’re discussing.

Get Started With Joon

VoIP is one of the best communications strategies out there for businesses. While conveying this fact to potential clients can be tricky, especially as a new reseller, you absolutely can do it as long as you know your stuff and are patient with customers.

Contact us with any other questions you may have about the advantages of VoIP and how you can become a reseller. You can also use this opportunity to schedule a free consultation with our professionals to learn more about partnering with us. Together, we can come up with a VoIP resale strategy to increase your company’s bottom line and ensure that your ROI skyrockets.

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