How VoIP Business Phone Systems Benefit Law Firms

Having an efficient and reliable communications system in place is vital to the day-to-day operations at law firms and attorney offices. Consequently, outdated communication systems can hinder a firm’s ability to effectively manage clients and their respective legal needs. In fact, it could mean the difference between winning or losing a legal matter.

Some of the most critical areas that communications systems must provide to law firms include:

  • The ability to route calls while working remotely.
  • Limitless accessibility and faster billing.
  • Easy access to client files and case histories through optimized CRMs customized for legal practices.

VoIP Call Routing For Law Firms

The ability to route calls and manage the volume of incoming calls through an auto-attendant are important features that law firms require. Legal firms that are comprised of investigators, researchers, and legal clerks need mobile capabilities because timing is always a factor. While your typical smartphone can certainly keep teams connected, VoIP business phone systems can do so much more including helping legal teams consolidate communication records. Some examples of this include:

  • Tracking billable communication hours.
  • Recording calls to supplement written notes taken and assist with tracking billable hours accurately.
  • Filtering calls properly to help streamline client communications, new client acquisitions, and court communications.

Streamlining these processes can help a law firm become more productive overall and also provides an extra layer of documentation without any added costs.

Law firm Case Study

Accessibility and Billing Support

Having communication options that support different circumstances is very important. In addition to standard voice calls, law firms can provide their clients with secure VoIP conference line extensions with the ability to record and log calls. The technology, such as the one designed by Joon, provides a real-time mechanism for tracking billable hours that can also be authenticated via time-stamping.

Enhanced Tracking with Customized CRMs

Timelines are incredibly important for those in legal services. In fact, state and federal courts require specific deadlines to be met. Missing or neglecting these deadlines could be considered grounds for case dismissal or penalty. One of the many challenges law firms face is keeping deadlines and communication processes in order. A small mistake or oversight in the timeline will reak havoc on a legal matter’s outcome.

A good VoIP business phone system will allow a law firm to integrate their CRM, streamline communications, and manage their calendars more efficiently. A law clerk, for example, could use some VoIP integrations to set automatic alerts in order to maintain timeliness and avoid missed deadlines or overlooked prerequisites.


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