Interested in becoming a VoIP reseller? Here’s what you need to know

The VoIP market is estimated to hike around $55 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 Global Market Insights, Inc. report.

When determining whether or not being a VoIP reseller partner is right for you, here are even more compelling reasons to consider which demonstrate the continually emerging VoIP industry.

  • Businesses can save up to 75% on communications if they opt for VoIP.
  • VOIP makes it easy to accommodate calls anywhere, allowing companies to increase productivity by up to 20%.

What is a VoIP reseller?

A VoIP reseller is someone that sells another VoIP service provider’s services to their own customers. The VoIP service provider provides the tools needed to allow the VoIP reseller an opportunity to sell their services. As a VoIP reseller, one can earn monthly residual income by selling the cloud-based unified communications solutions and growing suite of services.

Keep in mind that VoIP service providers have different partner program levels.

For instance, Joon, has four partner levels depending on the level of commitment one is looking for:

  • Ambassador: Is perfect for affiliate marketers.
  • Pin: Is perfect for those that want to be the broker or salesperson but do not want to install the phone equipment and would rather have the VoIP service provider handle the rest.
  • Badge: Is great for MSP’s looking to add additional services for their customers.
  • Flag: Is great for those that want to own and run their own VoIP business (like a franchise) but can still have the support of the VoIP service provider when needed.

Find the right VoIP Service Provider

Depending on the VoIP service provider, they will either provide the reseller with their branded material necessary to try and obtain clients or they may even allow the reseller to rebrand the materials.

Finding the right VoIP service provider is extremely important. Let’s be honest, if the VoIP service provider is not reputable, the reseller’s experience my not be very successful. Make sure to research the VoIP reseller provider to understand their business model and what their partner program has to offer.

Understand the VoIP terms

To sell anything, one needs to understand the basic terminology. VoIP terminology can be confusing at the beginning, but once you understand the basic terms, you will be able to pitch your services to the potential customers and feel confident.

Since VoIP enables companies to communicate effectively and deliver high standards of customer service – the reseller should exemplify this as well and understanding the terminology used is essential.

Find your target audience

While many businesses are choosing VoIP as their primary phone network, it’s ideal for resellers to choose a more focused demographic. Determine your niche: orthodontics or dentist offices, doctors offices, schools, law offices, etc. There are many advantages for businesses switching to VoIP:

  • VoIP can provide Up to 40% local call savings
  •  VoIP can increase productivity by 20%
  • And, VoIP can save close to 90% on start-up costs.

Depending on your niche, you may find other advantages that you can share to explain why VoIP is a superior option for their business.

Read Up on the Advantages of VoIP

If you’re unaware of the advantages of VoIP, it’s impossible for you to convey them to your target audience. Because of this, you need to take the time to become an expert on the topic.

Do your research and learn how VoIP works and the ways that it’s installed. You can convey this knowledge to your customers later so that they feel supported after purchasing communications technologies from your business.

You also will want to read up on the benefits of VoIP for small businesses. Most of your clients will be these companies, so knowing this will help you to sell your services to them. The fact that it improves efficiency while saving time and money, the idea of a user-friendly and versatile communications interface, and easy-to-access customer support are just some of the issues that you need to stress.

One of the major benefits of being a VoIP reseller is the ability to use a service that is already created and has been proven to work. You don’t have to come up with a new idea and sell it, you get to benefit from the work the VoIP services provider did in creating their service and sell it to others.

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