The Online Marketing Secrets of Successful VoIP Resellers

If you’re thinking of becoming a VoIP reseller how will you promote your new business?

What ways do successful VoIP resellers market themselves? Who do they target? And how do they build their customer base?

Read on to see how best to promote a new VoIP reselling business and discover how you could tap into a market that’s set to reach 3 billion subscribers this year.

Branding a White Label VoIP Service

white label product or service is one that you can put your name to and sell as your own.

VoIP resellers like Joon let you sell their products and services using your own brand. It’s your company acting as the face of an established cloud-based services provider.

And the first thing you’ll need is a name.

Choose Your Market

Identifying who you will sell to requires market research. And the best place to start is with who you already know.

Examine your professional circle. Could they benefit from a VoIP solution? Perhaps they could reduce their monthly bills or work from home?

Could you resell them digital telephony to improve communications? You already know the weaknesses of the current system so draw up a list of VoIP benefits.

Segment or break down your potential market into demographic and industry types. The goal is to create a marketing strategy so the more you know the better prepared you’ll be.

Estimate how many potential customers there are and how many you need to hit your target. Think long term. Map out the next 12 months using a business plan.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Now that you know who to target the question is how?

There are two methods of reselling effectively. Traditional offline and online marketing strategies.

Offline Marketing

Offline methods of promotion include word of mouth, networking, and good old knocking on doors.

You’ll need something to share the benefits of VoIP so consider brochures and reports. Live demonstrations offer solid proof of how the system works in the real world. So bring your VoIP phone with you. And don’t forget your business cards!

Expanded offline marketing methods include mailshots, cold calling, and print publications. Keep an eye on trade shows and anywhere you can see an opportunity to sell.

Online Marketing

The rest of this article examines online promotional tools and how best to use them. You’ll see that even with a limited budget you can have a full eBusiness website and online presence.

Build a Web Presence

WordPress is used by millions of businesses around the world. It’s a content management system and blog tool. And by using plugins, you can get it to host your business site and even sell online.

All you need is a website domain name and hosting.

Hosting acts like your office premises online while your domain is the address. The latter often comes free if you sign up for a year.

Promote via Social Media

Setting up a Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter feed is free. And social media lets you tap into a world of reselling opportunities.

But most VoIP resellers target businesses so how can social media find them? is a business-to-business social media platform. It’s perfect to promote yourself as a business owner and market what you can offer.

There’s a free profile account that you can use to build a professional network.

Search through their huge database for potential customers. Receive unlimited inbound mailing messages. But to generate leads, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription.

Thankfully there’s a free 1-month trial to see if this service can work for you.

Email Marketing and CRM

According to MailChimp, nearly 21% of telecommunication marketing emails are opened. And 2.27% of people click on a link to read more information.

Considering their basic system of 2,000 contacts is free, that’s a great ROI!

CRM or customer relationship management software helps you segment your customers. You can drive targeted content and see exactly what works.

Sites like MailChimp integrate CRM tools and match your brand for a unified experience.

PPC Online Advertising

To promote your business and website, consider pay per click adverts.

Google Ads lets you place text or visual ads above their search results for certain keywords. Phrases like VoIP services near me can trigger your advert for localized results.

Google My Business is a free service that lets you add a business listing across a host of Google’s services.

Use PPC and My Business to promote yourself on the world’s largest search engine. And check out their free marketing tools like Analytics and Tag Manager. They analyze how well your ads convert and who visits your site.

Join Our Successful VoIP Resellers at Joon

At Joon, we provide a variety of white-label services for all sizes of VoIP resellers.

There are four levels of reseller accounts including Flag, Badge, Pin, and Ambassador. Each caters to a specific group, from start-ups to IT consultants.

Our network covers small business offices right up to large call centers. We also resell phone hardware and VoIP equipment.

And we’re looking for active partners to join our growing team of resellers.

If you’ve got the drive and determination to resell then contact us today.

Now you know how to market yourself, our VoIP reselling program is perfect to take that first step. Hundreds of others have made a career from reselling.

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