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Partner with Joon and start selling bigger – and looking better – right away. That’s right. Think of how good you’ll look in front of your clients while sporting Joon products and offering the benefits of our custom communications solutions. Whether you go Flag, Badge, Pin or start with the Ambassador level – you’re guaranteed to have the “it” factor clients are looking for, and we can help you get there, fast.


We can help you fly the Joon flag up high in your territory. Some people may call this a VAR (value added reseller) relationship but we’re not boring like that. This level is perfect for the self-starter who wants to sell Joon exclusively as an authorized representative. We’ll help you get setup as a Joon Flag with training, support, and all the materials you need. After we’re done and you forget some of what we taught you, we’ll be available by phone or in person to review what you missed.

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You may be an I.T. professional, phone provider, ISP, or in some other business that services the communication needs of your customers. Whichever it is, we have a badge for you. And with this badge, you can sell Joon along with your other products and services. And although you may even sell products and services that compete with ours, that’s ok. You’re wearing a Joon Badge.
We will set you up with all the training, support and materials you need.

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People trust you. We like that. Whether you consult or provide expert direction to your clients, Joon has a pin made just for you. People appreciate your advice. And when you talk about all the things Joon can do for their business, they appreciate it even more.

Here’s everything you need to help you help us help the people who trust you.

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Being a Joon Ambassador is a big deal. It’s also a great way to start as one of our partners. You know, like crawling before you walk. You are the person that others get the latest scoop from and trust because you’re an influencer. Maybe you participate in various affiliate programs or you’re simply looking for an easy side hustle. Basically, you refer Joon and make money. We do the rest. Easy.

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