Softphone Benefits for Coworking Spaces and Their Members

If you are a consultant, technology advisor, an I.T. professional, or someone that provides other regular services to clients you have undoubtedly encountered co-working companies that requires communications solutions for their members and themselves. Softphones can make an excellent solution for these types of companies because of the mobility needs of their members. You may be wondering how to articulate these benefits to your client.

If you’ve been searching for a way to incorporate business communications and VoIP into your current service offerings, this article will breakdown the benefits of softphones in coworking spaces.

Softphone Benefits for Shared Space Owners

The infrastructure of traditional telephony, including its hardware and software, can be costly. From an owner or operator perspective, implementing business VoIP service for their members can add value to their membership offering while also decreasing the cost of implementing antiquated and costly communication systems. For example, an owner can forgo the cost of hardware and offer members who subscribe to dedicated spaces, access to a dedicated VoIP phone line, and extension(s) managed through the member’s smartphone.

Today’s landscape provides a prime opportunity for coworking space owners to implement a highly technical communication network without the need for highly experienced technicians. With the use of cloud technology, coworking spaces can leverage hosted VoIP.

Softphone benefits for Shared Space Members

If you have coworking business clients or plan to service them in the near future, it’s important to understand the benefits that VoIP provides both the owners and their members. Some of those member benefits include:

  • Affordability
  • Remote friendly
  • Feature-rich
    – Auto attendants
    – Call routing
    – Voicemail
    – Follow me and call forwarding
    – Professional presence

For example, when considering affordability, many remote working professionals may already have a primary smartphone or personal line, and purchasing a secondary line for business may seem cost-prohibitive. But it really isn’t. Not only is it surprisingly affordable but it allows the individual to keep business and personal communications organized separately.

Softphones that are powered by VoIP and cloud communications are extremely portable. Coworking members typically rent flexible workspaces because they either travel often, work from home, or are out of the office frequently. Having softphones means that he/she can have access to their business phone system while out of the office and practically anywhere in the world where there is a stable Internet connection available.

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