The Benefits of Using VoIP For Your Small Business

VoIP boasts many benefits for small business owners. A VoIP service can streamline call handling, improve message management, and allow employees to perform work remotely. VoIP offers significant business value to help you increase profits and help your business stay competitive.

If you’re on the fence about switching to VoIP, here are some key benefits you can’t afford to ignore.

Benefits of Using VoIP for Your Small Business

Excellent Call Quality

The latest VoIP technology supports crystal clear voice and video calls which often surpasses the quality of traditional landlines. This will help minimize frustration caused by poor sound quality. Additionally, most VoIP providers monitor their networks to ensure the highest call quality around the clock.

Access To Unified Communications Features

Today’s VoIP systems go beyond providing voice calls. Most service packages offer features such as video conferencing, chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and more so you can consolidate all your communication needs into a single platform. Thus, allowing your business to easily streamline communication and increase cost-efficiency.


A cloud-based VoIP service allows you to adjust your business’ service package at any time. This way you are only paying for the bandwidth you need and not more. This allows you to scale up or down in realtime. VoIP provides the perfect mix of performance and flexibility.

Low Upfront Investment

A cloud-based VoIP phone service requires a minimal upfront investment in network infrastructure, hardware, and equipment. You can turn most desktops and smartphones into a “softphone” by downloading an app so you can get up and running in no time.

Minimal Maintenance Cost

Your subscription fee covers ongoing maintenance and all software upgrades so you don’t have to hire an IT team to upkeep the communication system. Your vendor will automatically install updates and patches to ensure that you have access to the latest features.


Cybersecurity is a key concern for companies of any size. In particular, data breaches are very costly for small businesses. Most cloud VoIP providers have dedicated experts to monitor the platforms’ security and ensure that all security updates are installed promptly to protect sensitive information and customer data.


Your team can access a VoIP phone service via any device from anywhere with an internet connection. You can work from anywhere and stay connected with your team, partners, and customers. This also useful for today’s distributed workforce, making it possible to access a larger talent pool while minimizing overhead.

Automated Assistance

For small businesses, it’s often too costly to hire a dedicated employee to manage incoming phone calls. Most VoIP services provide an automated assistance feature so you can program essential information including: special announcements, locations, operating hours, and answers to commonly asked questions to streamline the customer service experience.

Call Routing

Many VoIP services offer an interactive voice response (IVR) feature to help gather customer information and route calls to the most appropriate team member. This will help you provide better customer service, lower cost, and increase productivity.

Call Log and Analytics

You can review reports and analyze metrics to understand how customers are interacting with your business. For example, you can see what time of the day gets the most calls and how long each call lasts to help management properly allocate resources.

Improve Productivity

A VoIP service allows you to consolidate all team and customer communications into a single interface to streamline workflow while minimizing delays and errors. Team members don’t have to switch from one application to another for different communication methods (e.g. phone or chat). Additionally, employees can easily reference all past interactions in one place.

Avoid Playing Phone Tag

You can program phone numbers to ring on multiple devices before forwarding to voicemail. This can help minimize playing phone tag, which can cause customer frustration, lead to missed opportunities, increase the friction to conversion, and impact sales.

International Calling

Even small businesses can have a global clientele. Many VoIP service packages include unlimited or low-cost international calling so you can stay connected with your customers and partners worldwide at an affordable cost. In fact, VoIP can help reduce the cost of international calling by as much as 90%.

Integration With Other Software

You can integrate a VoIP platform with other software applications (e.g., file sharing, CRM, helpdesk) so all the systems are synced up in real-time to minimize errors and delays. In addition, your team can manage all the interactions in one place to streamline processes and increase cost-efficiency.

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