Working from home? Here are a few tips.

Amidst the global pandemic, businesses have been immensely disrupted and it will take a long time before things are restored to normal. Businesses have to change & adapt to the new working environment. In these challenging times, there has been a sudden cultural shift towards remote working & VoIP solutions have been hugely helpful in driving this change. Consider some of these best practices for creating an effective remote working environment.

Rise and Shine!

Sometimes work from home results in a laid back attitude. Don’t start working the moment you wake up. Take your time to complete your morning routine and follow a work schedule.

Tempting as it is, don’t work from your bed:

Relocate to a desk or a kitchen table, find a dedicated workspace, as it will help you feel more organized and your back will thank you!

Limit Distractions:

Create boundaries for your family while you’re working. Despite being at home for work, let your family know that you need to limit the distractions throughout the day cause it will otherwise affect your productivity.

Eat Well:

Sometimes it’s easier to settle for chocolates or a bag of crisps, but eating a tasty, nutritious meal will help you work efficiently and feel better. Don’t forget to take clear coffee and meal breaks.

Finish on time:

It is easy to lose track of time when working remotely. Don’t spend more time working than necessary and plan some relaxing time for the evening – you’ve earned it.

In addition to creating robust mechanisms for remote workers, businesses also need to take vital decisions to effectively implement policies. With rapid development in cloud technologies and readily available internet infrastructure, cloud-based VoIP solution is an easy choice. In these testing times, VoIP has an added advantage of user-friendly set-up & installation process.

Here are some benefits of VoIP which can help companies in accelerating remote work. 

Portability: One of the most important elements in assisting telephone communication is the handset. With VoIP solution users have the flexibility to either uses a desk phone which can be just plugged to an internet network or a softphone which is a software running on top of the computer or mobile application that can be easily installed on the phones. Irrespective of the selection, features will be preserved and users will retain the official number. Additionally, VoIP increases users’ accessibility by connecting them even on travel.

Advanced Call Handling: VoIP has a rich & advanced feature set, which helps you manage calls by prioritizing, holding, routing, and transferring. Users can use multiple devices for call handling reducing chances of getting a call unattended. The individual user can either route calls to all his devices at once or each device at a time. The call can further be forwarded to voicemail, increasing the availability of the employees.

Socializing: Sometimes transitioning from the office to a dedicated space at home becomes stressful & employees feel detached. It is also essential to create a proper work-life balance. Communication can help in eliminating & curtailing stress. Video conferencing and messaging can be helpful in small social interaction, in addition to promoting collaborative work. Setting time for one-on-one with a coworker, having lunch with team members and office friends or after work calls are vital interaction more so if employees don’t leave home regularly.

Scalability: With a cloud-based VoIP solution, the VoIP network grows along with your business. Since the VoIP communication doesn’t require a dedicated network you don’t need to plan for VoIP hardware and involve inconvenience. Doesn’t matter if you are planning to expand, expecting a sudden spike in call volumes because of a new campaign or own a Seasonal business. You only pay for the minutes you consume. All this is just a click away.

Talent Management & retention: One of the understated advantages in the current working environment is to recruit & retain talent. The talent pool of skilled workers is shrinking and some companies consider the workforce as the most important asset to help them grow. VoIP helps businesses not only by creating a global pool of talent, but it also helps them in negotiating compensation and other benefits. With VoIP based solutions, the transition is smooth as features like audio & video conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail & advanced call management will help users stay connected with their manager, team members as well as clients remotely.

VoIP has helped thousands of companies effectively implement remote working to reduce overall cost and promote an adaptable work environment. Our team of experts can help you in reviewing your existing infrastructure & device a strategy for effective VoIP deployment.

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