VoIP services for Business to Enable Effective Communication


We provide reliable and scalable VoIP services that are catered to your business with features like conference calling, unlimited calling, mobile-friendly and more.


Why VoIP business phone is that important, you might ask?

A reliable business phone system is a crucial part of an effective communication strategy and business growth. It should help business flow and should never be a hurdle or a distraction for your business. Joon exists to ensure that your business communications occur seamlessly.

We partner with our customers in order to offer a variety of customized cloud-based business phone solutions. Whether you’re a small business, office, school, remote workforce, or a large call center, we’re equipped to assist your business in being successful and maintaining effective communications.

At Joon, we take reliability and support seriously. Our cloud-based VoIP system has redundant servers and regular backups. Our customer support team is available 24/7 and we deploy in-person professional visits in the event that an issue requires attention beyond what can be accomplished remotely. We keep you informed at all times with proactive alerts and through our real-time status system so your business can continue uninterrupted.


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What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was launched in 1995 and is a virtual phone service that has revolutionized the way we communicate today. Simply stated, VoIP is telephony services over your internet connection. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and service provider, you can receive phone service through the internet in place of or in addition to using a local phone company.
With a VoIP services, your voice becomes a digitally compressed signal that is sent over the internet. The VoIP service provider sets up the call and sends the signal. The recipient of your call receives that signal as a sound on their phone that converts to voice. Today’s VoIP capabilities include sending multimedia messages in addition to voice.
Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, VoIP business phone can help you achieve your communication goals. Joon can help set you up with VoIP phone services that will streamline your communication and set your business up for success.

Get Comprehensive VoIP services

Joon’s VoIP phone solution services are designed specifically for business. That includes unlimited phone calling, conference calling, and additional functionality like faxing and online meetings. You receive all of these solutions within one system.
We offer VoIP phone setup services to get you up and running quickly and configure your current phone system to work with or transition into VoIP.



Powerful VoIP Phone Service Features in One Phone Plan

To begin using VoIP is simple. Our team at Joon will take care of the VoIP business phone setup. We can even use existing phone systems including analog phones to get you up and running quickly.
One of the most popular VoIP features is the ability to integrate it with other business applications such as CRM and customer support, so your technology talks to each other and efficiently collect data on your customer interactions.

Another core benefit of VoIP is flexibility. Joon’s business phone service will help you take calls from anywhere, as long as there’s a reliable internet connection. Imagine the convenience of working from home or never missing a call when you’re on the go? As long as you have your smartphone app installed, you’re connected and can make or receive important calls.

Other favorite VoIP features are:

VoIP ring on multiple devices

Have VoIP ring on multiple devices at the same time, so you never miss a call

Eliminate long-distance charges

Eliminate long-distance charges

VoIP Phone features - Auto-attendant

Have an auto-attendant answer, escalate, and route calls instead of a human switchboard operator

SMS over VoIP

Send SMS over VoIP when your customers prefer text messaging over call

VoIP Phone features - Call queuing

Call queuing automates the distribution of inbound calls

VoIP Phone features - Voicemail to email

Voicemail to email or text transcription so all information left by the caller is stored in your inbox or mobile phone

VoIP Phone features - Call recording

Call recording and rating will help you analyze and improve your customer service

VoIP Phone features - Call screening

Call screening so you can screen, block, or send certain calls directly to voicemail

VoIP Phone features - Find me

Find me/Follow me call routing for those workers on the move

VoIP Phone features - Do Not Disturb

Ability to turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ during lunches, conferences, and meetings


How Much Do VoIP Services Cost for Business?

Remember when we were paying dollars per minute to make an international call to a client? VoIP services can provide businesses with less expensive local and international calls compared to traditional landline services. Services are priced as a monthly subscription that includes access to all of Joon’s services including support. There is no “nickel and diming” or surprise bills.

The total cost for VoIP business phone services will vary depending on the number of users and any additional one-time costs your business may need to make to set up the VoIP system. Be sure to consider hardware costs such as headsets and ensure you have the appropriate internet speed and capacity to handle your volume of VoIP calls.
If you have any questions about implementing VoIP or switching from a traditional landline system, we can help.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP is a great solution if you’d like a flexible, scalable, and affordable business phone service. We can help you do your due diligence and consider the advantages and limitations of using a softphone service and see if it’ll work for your business.


VoIP is Flexible

VoIP offers your business the flexibility to scale and modify your communication strategy as needed. It can run traditional telephone applications such as an outbound call center infrastructure but it can also be integrated with other modern business applications you may already be using. For example, a VoIP system can integrate with a CRM system like Salesforce or a customer support application such as ZenDesk, so you get real-time calling data about your customers and prospects.

Some people compare VoIP to being as easy as email. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and access to your VoIP account, you can make and receive calls to wherever there’s a broadband connection. This is unlike a landline that limits you to a specific location and charges varying fees depending on where you’re calling or receiving a call from.


VoIP Is Affordable and Cuts Communication Costs

Compared to a traditional phone system, VoIP offers big cost-savings. It uses an existing internet connection rather than requiring you to set up a separate landline system and pay variable and high fees to a phone service provider.

Save big on long-distance calls and enjoy the convenience of a single communication provider instead of varying vendors for your different office locations and mobile needs. Finally, forget about expensive and bulky hardware upgrades to have the most advanced phone system for your business.

At Joon, we also provide 24/7 customer support for your VoIP service needs, so you can save on IT support expenses and invest that money in your business.


VoIP System Limitations

One of the limitations of VoIP is that it requires a stable and reliable internet connection. Our team at Joon can help you work with your ISP provider to ensure your bandwidth is sufficient. This will depend on the number of concurrent calls you plan on making. If you have a poor internet connection, you will experience interrupted or delayed service. Our team will double-check that your internet connection is reliable for your communication needs and reduce the risk of latency.

One other limitation of VoIP is emergency calls. Because VoIP is an internet-based service, phones can physically move. Ensuring your E911 address is up-to-date is extremely important – during an emergency situation, if your E911 address is not current, help may not go to the correct address. To ensure your address associated with your VoIP softphone number is correct, you can call 933. A recording will read back the street address associated with the E911 phone number. If you find that the information is not correct, one should contact their VoIP service provider to get the change updated.

Partner with Joon, and we’ll provide a thorough consultation for your internet, and networking needs to make sure our VoIP system works for you without interruption.


How to Choose the Right VoIP Service Provider

Selecting the right VoIP service provider is a major business decision because it’s the foundation of your communication with your clients, partners, and staff. VoIP is a significant time-saver and productivity booster especially when you have multiple locations. Imagine having a single receptionist for all locations and making it easy for customers to reach you no matter what location you’re in, by dialing a short extension. This is just one of the powerful aspects of VoIP that your provider should be able to deliver. When evaluating different providers, you’ll also want to consider:

Your current and upcoming communication needs

Do you have multiple locations? Do you make a lot of outbound calls?

Level of customer support

Is the VoIP provider available to you around the clock in case of any issues?

Reliability and security of the company

How much downtime does the provider experience? Do they have multiple data centers in case one server fails?

How easy is the system to use

Will it take a lot of training to learn how to use the VoIP system?

How scalable is the VoIP service

Can the provider handle your business growth?


VoIP is typically a subscription service based on the services, features, and the number of users you have.

Why Choose Joon for VoIP phone services

Joon is the industry-leading provider of VoIP services. Communication is integral to your business. We get that. That’s why our VoIP services are flexible to your business needs, scalable to grow with you, and reliable with great call quality and 24/7 customer support. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we have the resources and infrastructure to handle your communication and set up your business for success.

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business communication needs and pricing.

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