VoIP Will Empower the Remote Workforce

Futurists have been predicting that technology will infiltrate every aspect of the workplace and undergo a rapid transformation. But it’s only very recently that technology has truly demonstrated its potential. VoIP phone services are becoming more accessible and affordable thanks to breakthroughs in cloud computing and the development of more sophisticated algorithms.

Now is an excellent opportunity as any to take advantage of cloud systems that offer the flexibility of a virtual phone system – so you can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Many organizations rely on their remote workforce, a norm that will most likely stay that way for the near future. Studies show that companies are expecting more of their workers to work from home as a standard feature.

This is where cloud infrastructure truly shines. It can host an entire PBX system along with layers upon layers of advanced VoIP features and offerings.

Reducing telecommunications expense shouldn’t come at the cost of losing features or efficiency. If anything, it allows businesses to upgrade their legacy systems to more efficient solutions that save their bottom line and maximize infrastructure that they already have access to, such as their internet bandwidth.

Moreover, business telecommunications over the cloud are easy to access and are scalable. Compare these to traditional PBXs that are expensive, cumbersome, and often require onsite teams for maintenance.

With a comprehensive set of features, VoIP solutions will offer the perfect solution for businesses with remote employees. Since many workers will be working from home, it makes it easier for employees to collaborate through voice, instant messaging, and 3-way calling at a substantially low price.

Below are just two VoIP phone services features that have empowered remote workers.

i) Call Transfers Made Easier

Effective communication isn’t just about phone calls that go over smoothly. Sometimes you may need to transfer your call to another user entirely, such as the sales staff. Call transfers can be done during a call without disrupting the conversation.

With call transfer, employees can jump into the conversation and mimic the organic way of communication that takes place in the physical workplace.

ii) Numbers from Anywhere in the World

VoIP technology not only lets you aim at the global market, but it also allows you to do it wisely without worrying about the costs. While you can use live chat and emails to communicate with customers and workers worldwide, but not everyone you hope to contact is tech-savvy enough to use live chat. Access to a computer isn’t always easy either.

This is why phone calls continue to be the most convenient way of staying in touch.

But it’s simply not feasible to set a call center or phone line in every country you want to expand into. That would be difficult and very expensive. However, you can use international phone numbers for your business that looks and acts like regular local phone numbers.

With Joon’s VoIP services, these numbers can be assigned to any team member and device of your choice, including smartphones and tablets.

About Joon

Joon has established itself as one of the leading providers of VoIP phone services. Joon can give you access to powerful VoIP features that make it possible to work remotely without any disruption to regular services. Joon also provides 24/7 customer service to ensure you can get help whenever you need it.

Whether you’ve got a small office phone system you want to transition to VoIP or a massive contact center with a cumbersome phone system that you’re trying to replace, Joon lets you keep up.

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