What Do Voice Over IP Resellers Do?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is the modern way for businesses to communicate. It replaces traditional phone lines by using an Internet connection to make calls.

VoIP resellers offer businesses a way to access all VoIP’s benefits, including cheaper calls.

As a VoIP seller, you become your own boss. VoIP subscribers are set to reach 204.8 billion this year so now’s the time to become a reseller.

But what exactly does a VoIP reseller do? What services could you offer and how will you earn money?

Here are 4 things a VoIP seller does to provide an excellent service and bring in a significant income.

1. Save Customers Money and Time

The main reason why VoIP technology is so popular is the financial savings it brings.

A typical business can save between 30 to 50% by installing a VoIP solution. That’s the biggest selling point you have as a VoIP reseller. At a time when cost-cutting is essential, VoIP telephony is an easy sell.

But VoIP offers more than just financial savings.

Because of features like remote working and call forwarding, businesses become more productive. You can bring your business phones anywhere and not be stuck to an office desk!

2. Improve Customer Efficiency

Potential customers can become more efficient as VoIP integrates with many of their existing business apps.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM software now works directly with VoIP. Phone calls can be made by clicking a button. Businesses don’t even need a phone as the service can be carried out using a headset.

VoIP also offers scalability and remote communications for a mobile workforce.

You can add as many VoIP connections to a business’s premises as necessary without the need for additional lines. Employees working from home use their cell phones to send and receive calls using their business numbers keeping their personal cell phone numbers hidden.

As a VoIP seller, you will offer a powerful way for companies to grow without compromise.

3. Bring in Revenue

Not only will you provide an excellent service and keep your customers happy but you’ll earn significant revenue.

Some VoIP resellers choose what they want to charge. In some cases, the provider sets the base rate then you add your markup.

This will vary depending on the service the business buys. You can make a projectable income by charging flat monthly fees or use a pay-as-you-go system.

The big benefit is choice. You get to choose how much you charge.

4. Build Your Brand

As a VoIP reseller, you become your own brand. You’ll carry the banner for Joon but you present yourself as whoever you wish.

You can start as a new business or resell as an existing company. We work with professional IT firms that sell our services alongside their existing range.

If you’re a consultant, you can resell to your clients. Teach them the benefits of switching to VoIP and then offer them a full solution.

Build your brand and earn an additional income by becoming a reseller.

Join Joon Voice Over IP Resellers

Voice over IP resellers offer significant savings to their customers while maximizing profits. They provide a range of telephony services to all business sizes and decide exactly what to charge them.

If you’re thinking of becoming a VoIP reseller then look no further than Joon.

We offer four VoIP reseller programs for start-ups, IT professionals, and consultants. By partnering with us, you receive all the benefits of our vast network including training and support.

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