Virtual Phone Number – What is it and how does it work?

Virtual business phone systems are simple, affordable alternatives to pricey, traditional office phone systems. Not only will virtual systems reduce your operating costs, but they’ll also allow your workforce to stay connected, whether in the office or on the go. No more restrictive phone lines, costly hardware, or set up and maintenance fees. Because virtual systems are 100% digital!

Using a virtual phone number with a virtual phone system is another tool that can help unite your mobile workforce. Virtual numbers allow your business to accept and receive calls from all over the world. With a single business phone number, you can provide seamless communication with your customers and protect the privacy of your employees no matter where your offices are located.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number for business is just that. It’s a number that is totally mobile and has no physical ties to specific hardware or a fixed location. Your virtual phone number allows your business to decide how to make and receive calls, and when and who can access the number. Employees can use the virtual number with confidence knowing they don’t have to give out private information.

How does a virtual phone number work?

Virtual phone numbers can be purchased from virtual phone system providers and be up and running instantly. Just download the app on your phone or computer, and you’re ready to make cheaper calls—local and international. Tasks such as routing, waiting, ring tones, and business hours can all be handled via the app.

When used with a cloud phone system, virtual phone numbers can be easily managed through a provider’s portal without waiting for the service provider. A huge time saver.

Using VoIP technology with a computer or mobile device, a virtual business number allows employees to do their job from anywhere there is an internet connection. They can use the same company number on mobile devices or desktop phones to call, send and receive texts or send a virtual fax. Users also have 24/7 access to phone management tools, such as call forwarding, call blocking and custom call control.

While traditional landlines have limited phone numbers that can be used in a specific area, virtual phone numbers have few restrictions. In fact, with a virtual phone service, you can create a virtual presence with a “local phone number” in a specific location, even if you don’t have a physical address there. Just choose a number with the location’s area code.

Using a cloud phone system.

With a cloud communications provider, virtual phone calls are digitized and connected over the internet and across traditional phone networks. Your business will have 24/7 direct access to the provider’s portal and can adjust your calling preferences as needed.

By using a cloud-based phone system through a cloud phone system provider, like Joon, your VoIP system will be hosted at your VoIP providers highly secure data center, instead of at your business location. (That means your business doesn’t have to manage phone system hardware.)

The Joon cloud-based system provides security with redundant servers and regular backups.

Choosing a virtual phone system provider

When choosing the best VoIP provider for your business, consider:

  • Cost and ease of setup
  • What calling features you need
  • How easy it is to use the system
  • Reliability and security of the company
  • Toll free and local numbers
  • Level of customer service and support

No artificial intelligence, real intelligence (Ri™)

All of the humans at Joon are updated with the latest version of Ri™ (real intelligence), which means when you have a question or a challenge you need solved, our Ri-enabled humans are there to jump in and come up with sensible solutions custom-tailored for your business.

With the Joon cloud-based softphone, your employees can provide the same communication support whether they are at home, in the field, or on a plane or train. The softphone app is simple to install and set up and requires no additional hardware. It works on the Mac or Windows platform.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Joon has the tools and expertise to help mobilize your business phone service. And when it comes to technical support, Joon’s 24/7 Ri™ assistance not only guarantees but promises solutions—no matter what the issue.

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