What is a VoIP Client

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) client also known as a softphone is a software application that when installed on a user’s device can make calls using an internet connection. In most cases, VoIP clients are compatible with all up-to-date devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

There are many different benefits associated with a VoIP client. Some of these benefits include:

  • lowering the cost of ownership
  • allowing for a mix of company-owned and employee-owned devices
  • eliminating long-distance charges
  • eliminating most international calling fees
  • eliminating monthly service payments to local phone companies

Let’s explore what a VoIP client is, how it works, as well as some of the major benefits in further detail.

A VoIP Client Handles Routing

A software app on your device will handle the routing or your calls, but you will need to be part of a VoIP plan. This typically involves a subscription service or a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server.

If you are using a mobile phone, adding the client is as simple as installing an app. For computers, in addition to the VoIP client, you will need a microphone and speaker or headset. You can also add existing analog phones to the SIP server or VoIP service by adding an analog phone adapter and connecting it to your network. This will eliminate any need for local service providers.

Making Phone Calls With A VoIP Client

Making phone calls with a VoIP client is pretty simple. Most people will be able to use it with minimal training. In most cases, using a VoIP client is as easy as using a phone app for the first time. For example, Joon’s VoIP client via desktop is similar to a telephone keypad or dial pad. Additionally, VoIP clients typically have many features you’re accustomed to including:

  • Contact management
  • Call history
  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • Privacy features

Ultimately, using a VoIP client for the first time is a very user-friendly or at least familiar experience.

VoIP Clients Versus Traditional Phone Services

The VoIP client uses VoIP technology to connect your call by sending packets of information through the public internet. Since the internet does not care whether the packet is data, video, or voice, everything is treated the same.

In a traditional phone system setup, your voice is connected through physical lines and connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). From there, the call is routed to the person you called.

These physical lines are leased from the phone company. You get a monthly bill. Depending on your plan, you may pay a higher fee for unlimited long-distance calling, or you may see charges for exceeding call volume, long-distance calls, or international calls.

Using a VoIP solution avoids leased lines by routing directly into the PSTN. Once connected, calls are then routed through the internet directly to the person you are calling. There is no access fee or cost to make the connection beyond your fixed monthly VoIP fee. Since it doesn’t matter where your call is going, there will be no long-distance fees.

Most international calls will not cost anything extra. If both parties have a VoIP client on their devices, there won’t be any additional fees regardless of where they are in the world at any time.

Whether the person receiving the call has a VoIP client, uses VoIP, or is using a traditional phone service, they will see no difference whatsoever from any other incoming call. With advances in technology and internet speeds, concerns about call quality are no longer valid.

What Is A Softphone?

A softphone (or SoftPhone) is really just another name for a VoIP client.

A softphone is a software program that allows telephone calls to be made over a computer or mobile device without needing traditional handset hardware. The software typically replicates the look of a handset on the screen with a display panel and numbers.

For business operations that make a lot of outgoing calls, a softphone or VoIP client, can be integrated with other applications, including virtual office, cloud contact centers, or unified communication solutions.

The 8 Key Benefits Of Using A VoIP Client

Key Benefits of Using VoIP Clients

  1. It also allows you to set up a virtual office. Your team members can work in the office, on the road, at home, or at other locations. Inbound calls can be handled by team members no matter where they are. This can also save money on staffing since workloads and call volume can be distributed to other locations rather than increasing staff at any particular location
  2. Desk phones can be expensive to install and maintain. You may need to call the phone company if you want to move lines making an inflexible setup. Since VoIP Clients are installed on computers and other devices, they move with you.
  3. Management software is easy to use. You can manage your entire network, change phone numbers, or add or delete lines in seconds. As business needs evolve, it’s easy to scale quickly. You can add lines anywhere and bring them into the company network.
  4. You will have access to advanced calling features just like traditional phone handsets, such as conferencing, auto-attendant, call hold, transfer, and forwarding.
  5. Depending on your VoIP solution and communications suite, you may also have available options such as presence awareness, queue monitoring, and omnichannel communications integration.
  6. Most VoIP client applications will also support video calling and video conferencing.
  7. VoIP avoids paying monthly fees for leased lines to the phone company. Instead of paying the higher fees for the lines, you will be paying for much cheaper bandwidth. A flat monthly fee will cover your calls without long-distance fees.
  8. You can integrate with other software applications. For example, you will be able to make outbound calls through Microsoft Outlook and other email clients in addition to customer databases. It can also integrate customer contact lists (such as .csv files), company directories, or personal contact lists.

Joon offers a variety of cloud-powered business solutions that can be customized to fit the operational ecosystem of any business size from small offices to large call centers. But Joon is much more than a telephone service provider or a reseller of phone equipment. We’re your partner in preparing your business for success.

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