Put VoIP Phone Numbers to Work for Your Business

Chances are you’re familiar with the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business phone system and its cost-effective benefits over traditional landlines, but what’s this you’ve been hearing about VoIP phone numbers?

What is a VoIP number?

Many businesses that use VoIP phone services are finding VoIP phone numbers to be helpful in creating centralized communications, as their workforce becomes more mobile.

While VoIP service can be used with most any type of phone, when you sign up with a VoIP provider, you’ll be able to choose your company’s own personal virtual VoIP phone number. This number allows employees to make and receive calls from the same number, and across all devices and can replace or work with your traditional landline. Since the VoIP phone number works with your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and VoIP-enabled phone, your mobile workforce will be able to work anywhere there is a reliable internet connection.

VoIP numbers vs. traditional phone numbers

VoIP numbers are real phone numbers, but they are assigned to a user, not to a specific phone line.

The main difference between VoIP phone numbers and traditional phone numbers is the way calls are sent. A VoIP phone number uses the internet to connect calls, while a traditional phone number must go through hardwired phone lines.

Unlike traditional numbers that require hard-wiring and equipment to be set up and maintained, VoIP phone numbers are easy to set up and require few (if any) hardware devices and almost no maintenance.

Equipment you might need

VoIP phone service requires basic equipment to get started. Users will need a reliable high-speed internet connection, and in some instances may require new hardware, such as a computer, VoIP phone, headset, or VoIP adapter to convert a traditional headset.
Software for your mobile phone service will be enabled by your VoIP provider.

Options for choosing a VoIP number

Unlike traditional landlines, there are few limits to choosing a VoIP number. Types of VoIP numbers available to businesses include:

Local numbers.

VoIP phone numbers allow you to choose a dialing code relative to a specific area even if your business is not located there. When calling your customers, you’ll display a local number. This makes it easier for local callers to connect with you and might lower your long-distance calling costs.

Toll-free numbers.

VoIP phone numbers allow you to create a toll-free number so frequent callers don’t have to pay every time they call you.

Vanity numbers.

A VoIP vanity number makes your contact details specific to your business. For example: Homer’s Tree Trimming Service might be 1-800-HOMER-TT.

Choosing a VoIP provider

Once you’ve decided that a VoIP phone number will work for your business, you’ll need to get a service plan with a VoIP phone service provider. Choose a plan that’s scalable to your needs and offers the features, prices, and options you want.

After you’ve found the right provider, then it’s time to select your VoIP number (or numbers). Setting up your number through your provider should be quick and easy, and available to use immediately.

Now you’re free to enjoy the benefits of internet calling, and the convenience of doing business from anywhere.

Get on the cloud

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