Why Becoming a VoIP Reseller Could Be the Next Career Move for You

Do you need a stable income yet want to be your own boss? Do you want to sell a virtual service but not carry stock?

Becoming a VoIP reseller could be the best career move you make.

With high-speed Internet access becoming the norm, VoIP communications are in high demand. The industry is estimated to grow to $93.2 billion by 2024. There are over 200 million VoIP users due to the savings the technology brings.

But how do you become a VoIP reseller? Who can help you get set-up? How much can you earn?

This article answers those questions and more. You’ll discover how you can make an income in a growing market with very little investment.

What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the modern way to communicate. Instead of traditional phone lines, VoIP uses an existing internet connection to send and receive calls.

VoIP has two main advantages: lower price and increased functionality.

Overall, VoIP telephony is a lot less expensive. Businesses don’t need special hardware or costly cabling. They can even use VoIP on their cell phones utilizing their business line instead of their having their personal cell phone number shown as the caller ID and make calls to anywhere in the world.

VoIP offers high-end services like call forwarding and conferencing at little or no extra cost. You can bring your phone line with you, making a business workforce truly mobile.

What Is a VoIP Reseller?

A VoIP reseller is usually a standalone business or individual who sells VoIP services from a VoIP provider.

You’ll need to know all the product benefits and how much each will cost. A good provider like Joon will guide you on starting up.

How Much Do I Earn as a VoIP Seller?

This depends on how hard you work, who you target, and the base price set by the VoIP provider.

VoIP reseller programs have a range of plans to choose from. Each caters to specific business sizes but you can sell to whomever you want.

At Joon, we offer four different partner levels.

Our Flag level is perfect for self-starters who have little to no experience. We provide full training and support. As a Joon representative, you’ll have confidence talking to any business about their requirements.

Our Badge level is for IT professionals or phone providers. This means you can resell our services along with your product lines.

For consultants, we have the Pin level and for influencers, it’s the Ambassador level. This is perfect to make money through affiliate marketing while we do all the hard work.

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Now that you have an understanding of what a VoIP reseller entails, how do you choose which provider to work with?

Joon offers custom communication solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our VoIP reseller program can help you to earn a better income.


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