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Hello. We’re Joon.
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Joon exists to help people like you conduct business with great success and we know how vital it is to have reliable communications in place. In fact, we would go so far as to say that without communications, there’s no business.

Our “secret sauce” if you will, is our business phone customer service and support. But everyone says that they have excellent support and service. I’m sure you’ve heard that many times only to discover that it’s all talk and marketing. What Joon offers its customers is something everyone should offer but doesn’t.

How do we know? We’ve checked and you’re invited to do the same.

Our Business Phone Service

Joon offers a variety of cloud-powered business phone services that can be customized to fit the operational ecosystem of any business size from small offices to large call centers. But Joon is much more than a business phone service provider or a reseller of phone equipment. We’re your partner in preparing your business for success.

Joon’s interest is in getting to know you first, before matching you up with the correct solution. That’s why we created the solution finder for you.

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We take support very seriously.

In your business, every second counts. Down-time represents a financial loss.

When you request Joon’ support, we immediately activate our experts and they work tirelessly until the issue is resolved. With redundant servers and regular backups in the most secure data centers in the country, we get you up and running with practically no service interruption.

Joon believes that support begins before there is ever an issue. We ensure this by thoroughly strategizing and analyzing all systems around the clock. But if an issue occurs that is beyond what can be managed remotely, we will send real people to your business to help. And that’s not a guarantee. It’s a promise.

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You’re always updated and informed with us.

When acts of nature or other emergencies take place, Joon is right by your side. We keep you informed, educated, and protected. Visit the Alert Center page anytime to get updated information you need to keep your business communications uninterrupted.

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  • Most people just talk but Joon delivered. We are so grateful for their help.
    Lisa Harris
    Writer's Block Bookstore
  • "We have been a client of Joon's for quite sometime now and that are the best in the industry and even better people. It is an honor and privilege for us to call them a strategic partner."
    Tony Langfeld
    Key HR
  • "Their staff is always there when I need telephone assistance. They are professional, pleasant and I would recommend them to anyone with telephone needs."
    Lisa Hill
    Professional Communications
  • I would definitely recommend Joon’s services to anyone. The fact that they were able to get us up and running in days with a new phone system and in the middle of the COVID pandemic conditions, was very impressive. Joon was extremely communicative and supportive. They followed up often to ensure that everything was working properly. Five months later, they surprised us with a courtesy call just to check in with us to make sure that everything was still working well.
    With great confidence, I would connect anyone looking for a new phone system and service or to replace what they currently have with Joon.
    Tonya Huntt
    Practice Manager
    Kerolos Michael D.D.S, P.A.
  • Now that our practice has switched to VoIP, our production level has increased by 15%-20%. Our staff has less time on the phone with our corporate office trying to determine how to resolve all of the technical issues which was usually Wi-Fi related. We have more phone lines available, so our hold time has gone down significantly as well. We now have quality phones, higher internet speed, our connection issues through Wi-Fi have been resolved and we graduated from the standard fax machine to an electronic fax which is more convenient. By utilizing Joon, they had identified a lot of the issues we had and resolved them when Joon had our practice make the switch to VoIP. To top it off, Joon even saved our practice money with their recommendations and switching us to VoIP.
    Assistant Office Manager
    Dr. Heather Brown Orthodontics
  • I would like to make it very clear that Joon has been by far the best and most accurate phone company we have worked with, let alone just the billing aspect, Joon is always available to speak with regarding a problem. It’s nothing short of a call from my cell to fix any problem, should we even have one. All phone companies have bugs to work on, but it never seems to be the problem here. We couldn’t be happier with the experience and service we have had. We hope to continue a long and healthy relationship.
    Kimberly Mitchell
    Legal Assistant
    The Defense Group
  • Appreciation and thanks go to Joon for installing our new phone system in our office. Change can be difficult; however, Joon made the transformation from the old system to the new one a smooth transition. Joon was patient and made us feel we could call them at any time with a problem or question.
    Donna Shirtcliffe
    Florida Homes & Properties
  • Over a 5 year period, we have used the services of Joon for various projects ranging from replacing inter-office phone and data transmission lines to wiring our entire operation of a 50 computer-server based network and automatic dialing system upon moving into our new office. Joon’s knowledge of phone systems and computer networking has been instrumental in the continuing operation of my business. I have on occasion needed emergency repairs done at a moments notice and Joon has always been there to bail me out of any sticky situation with as little corporate downtime as possible.
    Michael DeQuattro
    DeQuattro Enterprises Inc.
  • We were using a very old system that had the Zoo had outgrown many years ago and was constantly “going down”with even a mild rain storm. Joon came along with a cost effective alternative to replace our phones with I.P. units that run over fiber in the park. They also host our voice mail system off site which eliminated the old computers and switches. Through this complex and major transition Joon acted professionally and quickly to make the switch extremely transparent. We did not miss one phone call. The system works tremendously and we now have new phones with increased capabilities that work flawlessly. All of that for a lower cost than we were originally paying. The small equipment cost will soon pay for itself with monthly savings.
    Joe Montisano
    Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  • We have multiple companies that are attached to our existing PBX and some of these companies have limited lines that cause hang-ups when busy signals occur during peak times. With Joon, our customers never receive a busy signal. When there are calls on all lines, we prompt the customer to leave a voicemail and we can then email that voicemail to the proper recipient so that it can be handled immediately.
    Truck Mart
    Digital Phone Service
  • Our doctors and nurses move from office to office throughout the week and patient calls must be transferred to the intended recipient’s current location. One person answers calls for all companies and thanks to the ‘whisper feature’, we can also include the called company in the greeting.
    Florida Vein Care
  • We had an existing KEY system in place, but wanted to save money and increase efficiency. To reach our goals, we started with Joon’s Digital Phone service connected to our KEY system. Later, the KEY system hardware began to degrade, so we replaced the KEY system with Joon IP phones and the Virtual KEY service. Business has never been better or the technology easier.
    Dr. Wesley Davis DDS
  • We are a high-energy diagnostic lab working solely with diagnostic images. We receive over 100 faxes a day that need to be attached to our customer records. As part of a green effort, we switched from scanning the printed faxes to using the ‘fax to email’ feature from Joon. This saves paper, ink, and wear on our printers, not to mention the additional labor hours that scanning caused.
    Cyrus Diagnostic
  • Our customers build log cabin kits that are assembled on-site by others. Construction questions need to be answered quickly even when they occur after our normal business hours. Joon’s ‘auto attendant’feature has an after-hours option that calls the person assigned to after-hours support to answer the question and get the construction crews back to work.
    Conestoga Log Cabins
    Emergency line
  • When not in the office, Steven works both from home and his beach condo. No matter which location he’s working from, his Joon phone works as though he’s at the office. Call transfers between Steven and his employees are completely transparent. His wife enjoys being able to call him with just the 2-digit extension.
    Steven Barcus Law Office
  • The receptionist at Crystal Lake Chiropractic answers phones for three different businesses, with the staff working from the main office and from their homes/virtual offices. When answering a call, Joon ensures that she is told which business the call is for by the ‘whisper’feature. She can then use the proper business greeting. When she transfers the call, she will transfer to the recipient’s extension. The employee’s physical location doesn’t matter because the ‘Find Me’feature will use the extension number to transfer to the proper office, home, or cell phone...
    Crystal Lake Chiropractic
  • The financial, medical and legal businesses are regulated to protect customer confidentiality and Portnexus provides services to address these market needs. The company has dictation services that use smart phones; however, for traditional phones Joon servers hosts these applications. For customers who need all cell phone calls recorded, Joon provides a network point in the middle that captures the call securely and stores the encrypted audio on secure servers.
  • The company needed an easy way to change the location where their toll free numbers were ringing. Joon provided the organization with portal access that allowed them to put in any number in the follow-me; so at any time they have the ability to change where the toll free number rings.
    Authentic Bed and Breakfasts of Lancaster County
  • We are an ISP that was moving our headquarters and call center. We couldn’t afford to have our call center down while we moved. As an existing Joon customer, we gave them advice on how to handle the relocation. On the day of the move, the first call center person unplugged their PC and Joon phone, drove to the new location, and then simply plugged both back in. When both were operational in a matter of minutes, the next person moved, then the next, and the next. By the end of the day, all call center people moved without missing a call or disrupting service to their customers.
    PA Online
  • Eaton Financial has a web based CRM that’s integrated with Joon’s digital services. When an agent answers a call from a customer, they are able to quickly click a button on their screen to reveal the customer’s database information. This step does not disrupt any current activity on the screen and gives the agent access to a wealth of information designed to increase customer satisfaction. Agents can also use the click- to-dial feature when they want to contact customers, saving time and mis-dials.
    Eaton Financial
  • Ralex purchased multiple companies with the intent to integrate them into one main company. The transition takes time, but thanks to Joon, the communication crossover was seamless. Ralex ported the numbers to Joon and installed IP Phones. Moving people, their computers, and their phones was a simple unplug and plug-in transition. The employees who stayed in original locations used the services of the main office thanks to Joon. Transferring calls between the locations was a breeze and allows a single receptionist to answer calls for multiple locations.
    Ralex Business Services