The world is your office

We build your business communications around you
so you can build your business around the world.

Say hello to Joon and let’s get to know you.

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Hello. We’re Joon. Nice to virtually meet you.

Your office is your empire and Joon has a lot of experience working with empires.

Joon is here to help you conduct business with great success and some fun. We have a variety of cloud-powered business solutions that can be customized and integrated to fit your operational ecosystem. We listen to you first before we start talking. That’s the reason behind our solution finder. Getting to know you before matching you up with the right solution.

We may be tech geeks. But we’re also people persons and we love meeting our customers. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Joon to make house calls. Well, maybe not at your house unless that’s where you run your business. In short, Joon’s world is its office too so we’re available to support you by phone, online, or in-person.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way – let’s talk about talking business.

Our Solutions

Joon is your personalized worldwide headquarters, powered by the cloud and integrated into your operational ecosystem. Your business challenges and needs are as unique as the solutions Joon will customize for you. We listen first and talk second.


Never just phone it in.

Call Joon instead.

We know every second counts. And we know that down-time is money lost. That’s why Joon is more than a service. We’re like a really smart and caring best friend who only wants to help.

From the moment you request support, we activate our support teams and work with you to get everything back up and running. And not just casual running. But full-speed business track-and-field kind of running.

Our support is immediate, friendly and smart. It’s also budget conscious, effective and proactive rather than reactive. Meaning we’ll strategize and prevent problems before they occur. Sometimes that means sending real people to your business to help. And that’s not a guarantee. It’s a promise. Because at Joon, a promise is far more powerful.

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