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Hello. We’re Joon. Nice to virtually meet you.

Joon exists to help people like you conduct business with great success and we know how vital it is to have reliable communications in place. In fact, we would go so far as to say that without communications, there’s no business.

We’re not like the others. You know who they are. Joon’s interest is in getting to know you first, before matching you up with the correct solution. That’s why we created the solution finder for you.

Our Solutions

Joon offers a variety of cloud-powered business solutions that can be customized to fit the operational ecosystem of any business size from small offices to large call centers. But Joon is much more than a telephone service provider or a reseller of phone equipment. We’re your partner in preparing your business for success.

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We take support very seriously.

In your business, every second counts. Down-time represents a financial loss.

When you request Joon’ support, we immediately activate our experts and they work tirelessly until the issue is resolved. With redundant servers and regular backups in the most secure data centers in the country, we get you up and running with practically no service interruption.

Joon believes that support begins before there is ever an issue. We ensure this by thoroughly strategizing and analyzing all systems around the clock. But if an issue occurs that is beyond what can be managed remotely, we will send real people to your business to help. And that’s not a guarantee. It’s a promise.

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